A utility interruption or failure is the loss of electricity, natural gas, or water supply to an area.  These outages may occur in the school building, on the school grounds, or in the school neighborhood.

    Note: This is intended as a basic plan, which may be modified based on specific requirements of each school building/department.

    Instructor/Staff Procedures:

    1. Instructors conducting class should remain in classroom until further instructions are received from your administrator.
    2. Instructors and other staff without classes report to main office for instructions.
    3. If during lunch, recess or transition time, all instructors and other staff assist in supervision of areas. Direct students to classrooms if directed by you administrator.

    School Administrator Procedures:

    1. Notify the Maintenance Department supervisor.
    2. Determine extent of loss.
    3. Follow emergency procedures.
    4. Alert the specific utility if needed.
    5. Notify Superintendent’s office. The Superintendent will notify the media, if necessary.

    Cascade Natural Gas Co. _______________­­­­­­­­­­­­­________1-888-522-1130

    Big Bend Electric _____________________________1-866-844-2363

    Avista ______________________________________1-800-227-9187

    City of Othello Public Works ____________________1-509-488-5686

    If the city does not answer, call the police department_1-509-488-3314


    Definition:  Accidents that involve motor vehicles and pedestrians.  The accident may involve a student, school staff member, or a parent of a student, on school property or off the property during school hours.

    Instructor/Staff Procedures:

    1. Evaluate the accident scene.
    2. If scene is safe, proceed to victim and assess the severity of injury.
    3. Call 911 or send responsible student / additional staff for help to nearest teacher, assistant principal, or principal.
    4. Stabilize victim and administer first aid / CPR if trained to do so.
    5. Assist emergency personnel by clearing away bystanders.
    6. Complete accident report.

    School Administrative Procedures

    1. Confirm that 911 has been called.
    2. Report to the scene.  
    3. Contact School District Nurse, if available.
    4. Notify parent/legal guardian or person listed on emergency card.
    5. Notify District Office.
    6. Contact the District Public Information Officer (PIO) and assist in the preparation of a news release if the event will likely produce media inquiries.
    7. Make contact with all involved in the accidents (it is important to show concern for victims and family members of everyone involved in an accident).
    8. Fill out an accident report and send a copy to District Office.

    Follow-up Procedures:

    1. Confirm that incident report has been filed and sent to District Office
    2. Debrief with District Safety Advisory Council and staff to determine if the accident could have been prevented.
    3. If student or staff were hospitalized, check on their condition.
    4. If student or staff were injured, check with parents or family members on their condition.
    5. If student or staff were injured, confirm that accident report was filed.
    6. If the event requires, send prepared information letter to all parents. (See samples at AWSP.ORG).