• Providing Stability to Students in Transition

    Othello School District supports students who find themselves in housing situations that are short-term, temporary, and transitional and students who have become homeless.


    Any child or youth, including unaccompanied youth, who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence is considered homeless and eligible for assistance and services under the McKinney-Vento Act. This includes children and youth who are temporarily sharing housing with others due to economic hardship, those who are living in motels, campgrounds, emergency shelters, cars, or other similar settings, and those in transitional housing programs.

    Available Support & Services

    Students who qualify for assistance are eligible for the following in order to remove barriers to education and provide educational stability:

    • Attendance at student’s school of origin or enrollment in school in close to student’s current residence.
    • Transportation to and from school.
    • Free school breakfasts and lunches.
    • Free school supplies.
    • Clothing vouchers.
    • Referrals for health care and educational support services.
    • Assistance obtaining needed records and documentation.

    Please notify your child's school if you anticipate that you may lose your permanent housing. We will work with you to keep your child in their home school, if at all possible, or connect you with another district if needed. For more information, contact your school's counselor. 

    Program Contact:
    Carmela Porfirio
    Students in Transition.Homeless Coordinator
    (509) 488-2659