Certificated Jobs

  • New Teachers to Othello School District

    Othello School District is offering a $1,500.00 moving stipend with a signed contract to all new teachers to the Othello School District. For more information, please contact the Administrative Assistant at 509-488-2659.


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Classified Jobs

  •  The Paraprofessional Assessment was developed in response to the federal legislation known as No Child Left Behind. This law requires that paraprofessionals be required to have one of the following:

    • Associate of Arts degree or
    • 48 semester credits or 72 quarter credits from an institution of higher education or
    • Successfully passed the Paraprofessional Assessment

    There is a $55.00 non-refundable cash fee for the exam. To schedule the exam, please contact Brett Getz at 509-488-2659, extension 1002.


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