• If you have questions about District Operating Policies or would like to request this information in an alternative format, please contact the Human Resources Office at 509-488-2659 ext. 1018. To read the table of contents and corresponding policies within each series, click on the policy series titles below.

    1000 Series – Organization

    The policies in the 1000 section guide meetings, board organization, the board's relationship with the superintendent and more.

    2000 Series – Instruction

    The policies in the 2000 section guide curriculum development, instructional and extracurricular programs, special education, grade organization, assessments, graduation requirements and more.

    3000 Series – Students

    The policies in the 3000 section include school assignments, attendance, behavior expectations and discipline, prohibition against bullying, student rights, student safety, Associated Student Body and more.

    4000 Series – Community Relations

    The policies in the 4000 section guide public facility use, community partnerships and more.

    5000 Series – Personnel

    The policies in the 5000 section guide hiring, volunteer requirements, collective bargaining, professional expectations of staff, leave, benefits and more.

    6000 Series – Management Resources

    The policies in the 6000 section guide budget planning and goals, bids and contracts, risk management, transportation, food services, operations and maintenance of school property, facilities planning and more.