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About the Replacement Levy

  • Othello School District is seeking the replacement of our expiring levy, not a new tax, providing funds for essential student programs and operational costs not fully funded by the state. The current Educational Program and Operations (EP&O) Levy ends in 2023. The February 2023 levy simply replaces the expiring levy. 

    The EP&O levy provides funding for important programs and opportunities in our schools. Collection amounts are:

    2024:  $2,825,000
    2025:  $3,050,000
    2026:  $3,300,000

    Othello will also benefit from additional state funding known as Local Effort Assistance, provided to districts with low property values that pass local levies. Othello has a long history of supporting education through levy funding. 


  • Levy Bullet Points

Your EP&O Levy at Work

  • Levy funds help fill the gap between what the state provides funding for, and the actual cost of operating schools. The chart below shows how levy funds (including additional state Local Effort Assistance) were allocated in the 2021-2022 school year. 

    2021-2022 Actual Levy plus LEA expenditures

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