OSD Projects & Risk Management

  • The Othello School District is deeply committed to protecting the safety and security of the students we serve and the staff we employ. As part of our pledge to foster the most secure environment possible, the Othello School Board has adopted a policy in which the following actions have been implemented:

    • The district has provided training to staff to identify behaviors in individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others, to know when and how to refer those individuals to mental health specialists, and have procedures in place to follow up with the outcome of those referrals.
    • The district has identified and implemented activities and programs of prevention against potential physical threats to students and staff.
    • The district has adopted, displayed and distributed (to staff, students and parents) a written Safe School Comprehensive Plan that addresses all essential aspects of safety for students and staff.

    Safety is about more than just locks on doors and buildings...

    As school districts work to foster safe learning environments, we must take all of the following into consideration:

      ...Getting our kids to and from school safely

      • Bus safety
      • Student walking, biking, pick up and drop off
      • Inclement weather
      ...School grounds and playground safety
      ...Interior and exterior protection

      • Cameras
      • Signage
      • Security specialists
      • School Resource Officers
      ...Preparing and properly training students and staff

      ...Student and staff mental health support

      ...Prevention resources

      • Safety handbooks
      • Community resources (counselors, etc.)

      • Software and website access
      • Parent technology training
    6. Non-Traditional safety options

    District Safety Updates

    Othello School District continues to search for ways to improve our safety efforts. On March 5, 2019, the District held a community safety forum to provide our community with information about the measures we are taking in Othello schools, as well as to hear feedback from our community members. Please continue to watch our website for important updates regarding safety measures in our schools, or attend any of our regularly scheduled school board meetings, which are held t 7:00 PM on the third Monday of each month at the District Office.

    Safety Contact

    If you have questions or concerns regarding safety in Othello's schools, please contact your student's school building principal, or OSD Director of Safety and Health Services, Timm Taff by email or at 509.488.2659 ext. 1034.