• Safety is #1…

    Othello School District employs professional drivers, mechanics and monitors who are trained to treat safety as their primary responsibility. Your children are most important to us.

    Othello School District Bus

    The goal of Transportation Services is to provide safe and timely bus service for the District’s students. To do this, our drivers must be able to concentrate on operating vehicles in a variety of traffic conditions, always being alert and vigilant. Excessive noise or misconduct by bus passengers can distract a driver and endanger all students on the bus. Therefore, the support and cooperation of parents and students is needed to ensure acceptable behavior by all bus riders.

    Students are expected to cooperate with their bus driver to promote bus safety. The driver is in charge and may confer with a student, change bus seating, assign a specific seat and establish consequence for inappropriate behavior. If violations of Bus Riding Rules continue, a written conduct report may be issued. For severe or hazardous conduct, a citation or bus suspension may follow.

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