• School Bus Rules and Regulations

    Any misconduct by a student which, in the opinion of the bus driver or transportation supervisor or transportation/designee, is detrimental to the safe
    operations of the bus shall be sufficient cause for the director of transportation/designee to suspend the transportation privileges.

    1.) The Driver is in full charge of the bus and has authority to assign seats. Pupils shall obey the driver promptly and willingly.

    2.) Pupils shall arrive at the bus stop BEFORE the bus, wait in a safe place and clear of traffic and away from where the bus stops. Students shall wait in an orderly line and avoid horseplay.

    3.) Pupils shall cross the road in front of the bus, after the bus has come to a complete stop and upon direction from the driver.

    4.) Pupils shall go directly to an available or assigned seat upon entering the bus, and seat themselves promptly.

    5.) Pupils shall remain seated and keep aisles and exits clear. No feet or arms across the aisles. NO eating, drinking or smoking allowed.

    6.) Talking with someone seated next to you is O.K., but talk softly, no shouting or loud talking permitted. If you need to talk to the driver, wait until the bus is stopped.

    7.) Pupils shall refrain from throwing or passing objects on, from or into the bus. No disruptive/distracting/discourteous/rude/abusive behavior allowed.

    8.) Special permission is required by school transportation authorities to bring large items aboard the bus.

    9.) Pupils shall not use profane language, obscene gestures, tobacco, drugs or any controlled substance on the bus.

    10.) A school bus pass from your students school office is required if your child needs other transportation arrangements made.

    11.) Pupils shall get permission from the driver before opening window, then open only 3 clicks down. Extending head, arms or objects out of window is not allowed.

    12.) Pupils shall carry loose items, lunches, etc. in back pack. No glass containers of any kind or hazardous materials allowed on the bus.



    Bus passes (from student’s school office) or notes from the parents are required for students who wish to depart the bus at a different authorized stop or to ride a different bus to or from school.

    For ALL MMS, OHS and DOHS students, ID badges are REQUIRED in order to ride the bus. If a driver asks for a students ID, they are REQUIRED to show it to them. If they do not have their ID badge, they will not be allowed on the bus and will be sent to their building office. Please note, this is for the safety of ALL students so that we insure we are only transporting OSD registered students. 


    The Othello School District Transportation procedure is that Special Needs students being transported by bus have a responsible person to receive them at their bus stop. If parents/guardian believe the child is capable of attending to his/her own needs and may be dropped off without a responsible person in attendance, please click here to fill out the district waiver. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xIsNDZF3EEGdO6E6ZWgLZ5jr0RIPCJjPTS1xZFruFOw/edit?ts=60e76636


    Only students and staff of the Othello School District are allowed to ride the school bus. However, parents of students enrolled may be given permission to ride the bus to/from school if they are assisting in a classroom and there is space available on the bus. Permission must be pre approved through the Transportation Department or School office.


    Due to safety reasons and time, boarding a school bus to talk to the bus driver or a student is prohibited. It is best to contact the bus driver through the Transportation Department (488-3741). This will ensure that the driver has adequate time to discuss your needs and concerns. Clarification of the rules and procedures should be directed to the Transportation Supervisor.


    The district and bus driver’s goal is to increase safety while transporting students to and from school. Video cameras are on all buses as a tool to help improve student conduct.


    Othello School buses are inspected by the Washington State Patrol two times a year. All district buses meet or exceed Federal and State specifications.


    To ensure a safe bus ride for your students, each bus driver is an authorized Washington State School Bus Driver who has completed an extensive training program consisting of classroom and on the road training. Each driver has completed a drug screen and an extensive background check, including State and Federal fingerprinting clearance.