• Dr. Pete Perez, Superintendent

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    Dr. Pete Perez is not just a superintendent; he's a passionate advocate for educational excellence and community empowerment. With a career built on dedication and commitment, Pete has become a trusted leader known for his hands-on approach and genuine care for students and communities alike. Pete’s decision to pursue a career in education was sparked by a realization of the inequalities present in healthcare. Originally aiming to become a physical therapist, Pete couldn't ignore the inequities he witnessed. Inspired to tackle these issues head-on, he shifted gears towards education. He saw it as a way to make a difference, empowering others to challenge the status quo and create a more equitable future.


    Education and Experiences

    Pete's academic adventure is all about feeding his hunger for knowledge and skills. He earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Washington State University, topping it off with a Superintendent Certification from the same place. Before diving into the deep end of advanced studies, Pete got his Master's in Teaching from Grand Canyon University and his Bachelor of Science degree from Central Washington University. His journey through education is a testament to his commitment to excellence and his love for making education better for all.


    In his role as Superintendent, Pete oversees a diverse school district, serving 4,500 students and employing over 700 dedicated professionals. But he's more than just an administrator; he's a hands-on leader who prioritizes listening to the needs of students, teachers, and community members. Pete's leadership style is marked by a genuine commitment to collaboration and inclusivity. He believes in creating spaces where everyone's voice is heard and valued, whether it's in strategic planning sessions or community engagement events.


    Nurturing Academic Excellence

    Throughout his career, Pete has spearheaded initiatives aimed at improving student outcomes and fostering a positive school culture. His focus on educational equity and access has opened doors for countless students, paving the way for a brighter future for each and every individual. By fostering collaboration between educators, industry leaders, and community stakeholders, Othello has created a dynamic learning environment where students can gain real-world skills and experiences. 


    Empowering Student Voice

    A cornerstone of Pete's leadership is his dedication to empowering student voices. He believes in creating opportunities for students to actively participate in shaping their educational experiences. Through initiatives such as the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council and regular surveys, Pete ensures that students have a meaningful role in decision-making processes within the district.


    Pete and his wife Tari are fixtures in our community. Tari teaches CTE (Career and Technical Education), guiding students toward their career paths. Their daughter, Mia, is gearing up for her University of Washington graduation this spring, while their son, Matthew, is excited to start college in the fall. Together, they love traveling and catching Broadway shows, making the most of their family time.


    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
    Marissa Garza

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    ext. 1003

    Marissa Garza is a native of Othello. A proud OHS alumni, graduating with the Class of '99.  Alongside her husband and two sons, she has established her home in Othello.  Embarking on a fulfilling journey within the Othello School District, Marissa began as a paraeducator, contributing to the only all-day kindergarten classroom in OSD. Over the years, her dedication and passion for serving led her through various roles within the district. She served as a department secretary at Hiawatha Elementary School, as a building secretary at McFarland Middle School,then as Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent, before assuming the position of Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.  Throughout her tenure spanning since 2004, Marissa has remained deeply committed to her community, finding immense joy in serving the students, staff, and families of Othello.