• Mike Garza Headshot Mike Garza - Member at Large
    Board President
    Member of the school board since December 23, 2013
    Term Expires 2023

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    Mike Garza and his wife Eve are lifelong Othello residents. Mike has served on the Othello School Board since 2013 and has always had a desire to serve and give back to his community. Mike passionately believes that education is a key to success in life. He is excited to be part of the school board and the opportunity it affords him to be part of a group of individuals who wholeheartedly believe in bettering the education system in Othello.

    Mike is extremely excited with the recent changes and refocusing of District leadership, a new vision and resolve to bring forth life-changing opportunities to the students of the district. Mike wants the Othello School District to be innovators, leaders, and trailblazers in education, and he knows it will require contributions and involvement from students, educators, administrators, and parents to make this a reality. He is convinced community involvement is vital to ensure that we are at the forefront of education. Mike is married and has four children, all who have graduated from OHS.

     Jenn Stevenson Headshot Jenn Stevenson - Director District 1
    Board Vice President
    Member of the school board since December 11, 2017
    Term Expires 2021

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    Jenn Stevenson is a mother to four children, all of whom are students in the Othello School District. She and her husband, Mike, have been active members of the Othello community for over 15 years. Jenn is the Director of The Old Hotel Art Gallery, a local art gallery, art classes location, visitor center and historical location in Othello. She has been active in this and the Sandhill Crane Festival, the largest tourist event in Othello, for over five years. She is also an active volunteer at charity quilting, her church, and the Othello Food Bank. She is passionate about quilting, food, volunteering, and her children.

    Jenn has been attending board meetings since before her oldest child started kindergarten. Off and on she had considered running for the board but finally felt her voice would make a difference and be able to bring positive change. Her goals are to bring a different perspective to the board, encourage positive changes and be a voice for the students.

    Sharon Schutte Headshot Sharon Schutte - Director District 2
    Member of the school board since December 9, 2019
    Term Expires 2023

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    I have spent most of my life in Othello. My husband and I both attended grade school
    here and later graduated from Othello High School. We raised our children in Othello and
    now I am proud and lucky to have my grandchildren growing up and attending school
    here. Robert and I own and have operated a family farm in the Othello area for the past 30
    years. I have enjoyed volunteering for about 40 years in our community. Mostly with youth
    programs but also heading numerous other projects like the community parade. I also
    volunteered in the schools for 26 years which lead me to keep in touch with the growth of
    our schools and childrens education.

    I wanted to join the school board after having listened and observed what is going on in
    our schools and found that I would like to have the opportunity to be more involved in the
    impactful decisions. My goal is that we provide an equitable education for all our students
    and provide them with the best education for when they leave Othello School District as
    citizens of our world.

    Ken Johnson Headshot Kenneth Johnson - Director District 3
    Member of the school board since December 11, 2017
    Term Expires 2021

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    Ken Johnson is a general contractor specializing in glazing. He and his wife, Heidi Johnson, own and operate Johnson’s Glass right here in Othello. He has been a member of the community for nearly 50 years, having raised his family in Othello along with his wife. While being a contributing member to the Othello community, he has served on the Othello City Council for 14 years (6 of which he was the Mayor Pro Temp), the Adams County Development Council for 10 years, and as a volunteer firefighter for 26 years.

    He is passionate about his family, the community, and the value of hard and honest work. His goal in joining the school board is to see students, administration, and the school district as a whole continue to reach their maximum potential for learning, leadership, and success in this ever changing educational climate. He is up for the challenge of digging in and getting to work on the issues faced by our fast growing community and how it affects the Othello School District. 

    Lindsy Prows Headshot Lindsy Mollotte Prows - Director District 4
    Member of the school board since December 9, 2019
    Term Expires 2021

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    Lindsy Mollotte Prows was born and raised in Othello, WA. Lindsy and her husband, Anthony, have chosen to raise their three (3) daughters in Othello and are currently enrolled in Othello elementary schools. Lindsy has been active in her community all of her life, no matter where she lived.

    After graduating from college, Lindsy lived in Seattle for several years where she worked in advertising and served as a mentor for Inner City Kids. Once she had children of her own, she decided she wanted to raise them in a community that felt like a family, which is why she chose Othello.

    Lindsy and her husband own a general contracting business and work to give families their dream home. Lindsy is involved in her local church, coaches her daughters sport teams, runs 4H groups, is a member of the Othello Rodeo Association, and is a new member to the Othello School Board of Directors. Although she is new to serving as a board member, she is familiar with the process as her father served for over ten (10) years. She loves to spend time with her family, traveling, and is always ready for the next adventure. Lindsy is hoping to rally the community to provide better facilities for our students. She believes in the work and is passionate about getting it done! Lindsy is committed to being a voice for students and an advocate for the school district staff who devote their lives to the greater good.