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    Robert Simmons – District 2

    Robert Simmons Rob Simmons has served on the Board for 7 years. His occupation is Doctor of Chiropractic, and he and his wife, Sheila, have a daughter in 6th grade and a son in 3rd grade. Besides spending his time as a Little League Baseball coach, Dr. Simmons is the treasurer and one of the chefs for the Community Diner, a brunch venue whose proceeds benefit local non-profit organizations. He also enjoys supporting the Community Schools program by opening his home as a venue for several cooking classes this year.

    When Rob first decided to run for school board, it was simply because he wanted to give back to the community by offering his time and service. When the time came for him to consider running for a second term, there were other factors involved, like all the positive things he saw happening in the district that he was not aware of before serving on the board. From the construction and modernization projects to the targeted training and strategies developed during the Summit initiative, Rob sees that this school district is working hard to improve the quality of teaching as well as provide a safer and more comfortable atmosphere in which our children can learn. He continues to serve because he enjoys being a part of these great things.

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    Tony Ashton, Vice President – District 4

    Tony Ashton Tony Ashton joined the Board in January 2009.  He and his wife have 4 children.  Besides working as a financial planner, Mr. Ashton is actively involved in his church and participates in various other community organizations.  His other passion is the Jacksen O. Ashton Foundation, which provides scholarship opportunities to deserving students in the Columbia Basin area.  Mr. Ashton's main goal during his time on the Board is to assure Othello's students graduate prepared to become contributing citizens of society and have the skills necessary to be able to either continue on to college or immediately pursue a rewarding career.  He believes we each have a duty to help our communities children fulfill their maximum potential.  Tony's hobby's include motorcycle's, water skiing, snowmobiling, and being a grandparent. 


    Mike Garza – District 5

    Mike Garza Mike Garza is the newest member of the Othello School Board. He has always had a desire to serve and give back to his community. Mike firmly believes that education is the key to success in life. He is excited to have the opportunity to be part of the School Board, so he can ensure that the appropriate programs and curriculums are implemented, as well as to see our district excel in all areas. Mike wants the Othello School District to be seen as innovators, leaders and trailblazers in education and knows it will require contributions and involvement from students, educators, administrators and parents. He believes community involvement is vital to ensure that we are at the forefront of education. Mike is married and has four children.