Teaching and Learning

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    September:  Progress Report #1 (Link to slide deck)

    October:  Multilingual Learners (with teachers from Wahitis & Hiawatha)

    November:  Othello Career Showcase

    December:  PLCs (with teachers from MMS, Wahitis, & Scootney)

    January:  Progress Report #2

    T&L team Back row: John, David, Jennifer, Jessica

    Front row: Amy, Paul, Heidi, Cynthia

Areas of Oversight

  • Department of Teaching and Learning Directors:

    Jessica Schenck:  ext. 1012

    • Assistant Superintendent 

    John Wiseman:  ext. 1017

    • Instructional Improvement
    • Professional Development & Data Systems

    Jennifer Garza:  ext. 1022

    • K-12 ELA & SS
    • Early Childhood

    Amy Parris:  ext. 1030

    • Student Services (CTE, AVID, SEL)

    Paul Oursland:  ext. 1029

    • STEM Education
    • K-12 Math, Science & Technology

    David Spencer:  ext. 1032

    • Multilingual Programs
    • Federal Programs
    • Assessment Coordinator