• One-to-one (or 1:1) describes a school environment in which there is 1 computing device for every 1 student. However, our 1:1 initiative is about more than just putting technology in the hands of every student.

    The Othello School District’s 1:1 vision promotes a student-centered learning environment where technology supports curriculum. Technology use will be routine, transparent and encourage innovative teaching methods to ensure students’ success. The district will provide ongoing professional development and tools to support Othello students in an evolving digital world.

    Our Technology Vision:

    • The focus of the one-to-one (1:1) Chromebook Program at the Othello School District is to provide tools and resources to the 21st Century Learner.
    • In order to successfully prepare our students for the 21st century, One-to-One Technology is vital. A device in the hands of every student opens a world of learning opportunities. A device in the hands of every student opens a world of learning opportunities.

    1:1 Take Home:

    • For the school year, students will be assigned a personal Chromebook to keep with them throughout the day and to take home.

    Chromebooks for Education:

    Our Chromebooks are different than the consumer version available to the public. 

    As a GoogleApps for Education school, we are able to set-up and control the Chromebooks through a web-based "management" page.

    This means we can apply specific policies to groups of students.

    • Only certain apps will be allowed
    • Websites will be filtered
    • Individual needs of students can be addressed

    The Classroom Teacher Will:

    • Promote student collaboration
    • Promote difital learning

    Students Will:

    • Share ideas
    • Publish their work
    • Learn how to communicate safely and effectively online
    • Students are responsible for their accounts and must not give access or reveal passwords to anyone, other than their parents or teachers
    • There is no expectation of privacy. The othelloschools.org accounts are property of Othello School District. Periodic account checks will happen throughout the year

    Google Apps for Education:

    Students will:

    • Create class projects
    • Collaborate with their classmates
    • Send email and assignments to classmates and teachers
    • Students cannot send or receive email on this account from or to anyone outside of the Othello School District system
    • All students will have OSD email addresses

     Parent Responsibilities:

    Parent Responsibilities Include:

    • Read and discuss the Othello Chromebook Guide with your student(s)
    • Discuss expectations for handling, care, safety, etc
    • Self funded insurance (optional) (see page 5 of the Othello Chromebook Guide)
    • Read and sign the Family Media Agreement (see page 13 of the Othello Chromebook Guide)

    Chromebook Reminders:

    Students are asked to NEVER leave electronics alone or with someone else, other than an adult.

    Students should NEVER share passwords or devices with anyone other than their parents or school staff.

    Devices will ALWAYS remain in their Bump Armor cases.

    Keep devices away from liquids. Please ask your child to:

    • Avoid putting any liquids in their backpacks that might get on or in their Chromebooks
    • Stay out of the rain with Chromebooks

    If a chromebook needs repaired, it is critical that students immediately report the issue to their teachers. If someone damages a Chromebook, students should report it in the office right away. 

    Students should not eat or drink around their Chromebook either at home or at school.

    Chromebooks, are to be turned off, and in backpacks when students are not in classrooms.

    Chargers will be kept at HOME where students will charge their Chromebooks EVERY evening so it is read for school the next day. 

    Accessories and Applications While at School:

    • Headphones, mice, or earbuds are allowed in class with teacher's permission.
    • Students may only access authorized applications with their teacher's permission.

    Social Media Sites Never Allowed:

     Social Media Logos

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What happens if the device stops working? Will there be a "loaner"? 
    The school has a small amount of loaners on campus.

    Does the device come with a case to protect it?
    Yes. There cases are engineered to always be on the device and should never be removed.

    What about the insurance policy that was offered? What does it cover?
    Insurance covers damage. See policy, pages 5 & 6, for details. 

    Additional Resources:

    • Students can work on Google documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings offline
    • Mid-Columbia libraries offer free WIFI access as well as numerous local businesses
    • Access to Othello School District wireless is available in many of our school parking lots
    • The Othello School District is working to provide additional off campus access and will announce changes as they happen

    Any Questions?

    • Visit our school website for the most up to date information
    • Please remember to review the Responsible Use Guidelines with your student regularly