• Student Internet Use Policy

    Othello School District Students will have the opportunity to access Internet resources for independent instructional-related activities. In order to obtain this privilege, students and parents must sign this form. Any violation of the District’s Acceptable Use Procedure will result in the immediate loss of all access privileges. This loss of privilege will not preclude or limit other disciplinary action.

    Student Agreement:

    I understand that the Internet is to be used only for schoolwork as directed by my teachers and the library staff. I further understand that any inappropriate use of the Internet will result in the loss of my computer privileges, as well as other disciplinary action. I agree to abide by the Othello School District’s Acceptable Use Procedure, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. I will use the Internet for schoolwork only, as directed by my teachers or the library staff.
    2. I will not modify the computer settings in any way, nor install any software or utilities.
    3. I will not download any files (text, music, video) or programs from any source.
    4. I understand that I may bring and copy files specifically related to my schoolwork such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint files provided they are consistent with other items in this agreement.
    5. I will not listen to audio or watch videos (streaming music or video) on a computer without specific permission of the teacher orlibrarian.
    6. I will not play games, surf, shop, or use the Internet for any reason other than instructional.
    7. I will not send, receive email or check any email accounts I may have, unless directed to do so under the supervision of my teachers orAdministrators.
    8. I will not purchase or attempt to purchase any goods or services on the Internet.
    9. I understand that if I need to print some text from the Internet, I must comply with the school procedure regarding permission, method and quantity.

    Parent Agreement:

    I give permission for my child to use the Internet for independent access for instructional use according to the district procedures, including the above terms. In consideration for the privilege of using the district’s network and computer systems and in consideration for having access to the Internet, I hereby release the Othello School District (including but not limited to its administration, teachers and staff) from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my student’s use or inability to use the Washington Education Network (WedNet) and the Internet. I have read and understand the Othello School District Acceptable Use Procedure and agree that my student will unconditionally abide by it.