1. Approval for the use of all facilities must be obtained from the Facilities Scheduling Coordinator by completing the

    "Application for Use of School Facilities Form." Except for priorities established by regulation, applicants are accepted on first

    come, first serve basis. Applications for use of facilities during the following school year will be accepted up to one calendar

    year in advance of the dates requested. All applications will be processed after July 1. Requests must be made no less than 48 hours before an event date. 


    1. No facility shall be considered reserved until the "Application for Use of Facilities Form" is completed and subsequently

    endorsed by the Facilities Scheduling Coordinator, at which time it shall be considered a permit between the Othello School

    District and the applicant, subject to all rules, regulations, laws policies and procedures explained herein and within the policies

    and regulations of the Othello School District. 


    1. A single application may be made for a series of users of like character. Facilities and equipment used shall be limited to those

    specified on the approved application.


    1. The District reserves the right to cancel any permit, and/or discontinue use of facility by the applicant/user at any time if, in

    their sole discretion, the use of a facility is in conflict with District use policies or regulations.


    1. Applicants shall give at least 48 hours’ notice to the district Facilities Scheduling Office of a cancellation of previously

    scheduled use. Failure to do so may result in the District charging the applicant for all expenses incurred in regards to making

    the facility available for use.


    1. Satisfactory sponsorship and adequate adult supervision, which may include appropriate police and security personnel, shall be

    required of all activities with District facilities.


    1. Applicants/Users must provide proof of insurance when so requested.



    1. A district employee shall be present on duty at all times when a district facility is in use by any group, and that employee shall

    be responsible for closing and securing the building after use. Other employees may be required for specific activities to

    support facility occupancy. Exception: Waiver of the requirement for an OSD employee to be present on duty at all times when

    a district facility is in use by any group, may be granted if the facility use is (1) conducted by other public or private schools for

    the purpose of student related activities; (2) the activity is supervised by professional staff and parent volunteers with an adult

    to student ratio substantially the same as what the Othello School District does for similar activities for its own students of the

    same age(s); and (3) the school applying for the facility use has liability insurance coverage not less than the Othello School

    District's own liability coverage limits.


    1. Keys to buildings or facilities shall not be issued to any individual or group for entering a district facility for meetings or social

    gatherings, unless special arrangements have been made. Facilities will be opened and closed by authorized district personnel

    at the times arranged during the application process.


    1. District furniture or equipment shall not be removed from classrooms or buildings to which they belong except by authorized

    district personnel and such removal shall be previously arranged. Failure to restore facilities to the condition in which they

    were found will result in all costs to restore such facilities to be billed to the user at the sole discretion of the District.

    1. Prior approval will be required before decorations or other materials may be applied to walls, ceiling or floors.


    Applicants/Users are required to remove all such decorations, materials or equipment at their expense. All costs of such

    removal by district personnel shall be directly billed to the user.


    1. District has the right to close down an activity before the activity ends.




    1. Adult leaders of organizations using District facilities shall remain with their groups throughout activities and shall be

    financially responsible for the proper care of the facility used and any district materials, furniture, or equipment therein.


    1. Prior to leaving the facility, users shall be responsible for clean-up and rearranging any areas used by them.


    1. The responsible party for the user shall notify building personnel when they arrive and vacate the building.
    2. In the event of damage to or loss of District property, the applicant must accept the district's estimate of replacement/repair and pay all costs associated therein within ten (10) days. The District is not responsible for property lost by individuals or groups using school facilities.



    1. The use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or controlled substances or weapons is strictly prohibited in all District facilities and

    upon all district properties.


    1. Food is limited to certain facilities and the vending and/or serving of such must be approved in advance.


    1. Kitchens are not available except under special conditions made at the time of application with the Facility Scheduling



    1. Street shoes and shoes with black soles are prohibited on gym floors.


    1. All Washington State and Local Laws are in effect for use of District facilities.


    1. Inflatables, “bouncy houses,” slides, and other similar apparatus are prohibited on OSD properties.



    The users agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Othello School District 147, its appointed and elected officials and

    employees while acting within the scope of their duties or such from and against all claim demands, loss, liability of any kind and

    character, including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the user's use of the school facilities specified in their

    agreement. The "Application for Use of School Facilities" form shall be signed and returned to the coordinator in charge prior to any

    use by the renter/user of school facilities covered in this Agreement.


    1. Charges for use of District facilities by public interest and public welfare groups, and by private interest groups of not-for profit

    status, and by non-commercial groups shall be based upon the actual costs incurred by the District. These include but are not

    limited to direct labor, materials and other operating costs and applicable overhead costs. Charges for use involving private

    profit or commercial gain, direct or indirect, shall be such as to reimburse the District in full or said overhead and operating

    costs, plus an amount representing a share of the profit or monetary gain.

    1. Costs quoted are an estimate based on information given at the time of application for use of district facilities. Actual costs

    charged to the user are subject to change based upon conditions and final arrangements at the time of use.

    1. Use fees shall be paid in accordance with the current schedule and District rules and regulations. Additional charges shall be

    made for custodians, technicians and other staff when use necessitates their participation.


    1. Charges shall be made for use of special equipment, such as but not limited to public address systems, projectors and stage



    1. Payment for use of District facilities is due before scheduled event. At the discretion of the District, a deposit may be required

    in advance of the event.


    1. User shall also be responsible for all collection, attorney, insurance or any other fees associated with the collection of payment

    in regards to use of school facilities, equipment or staff.


    1. The District is not responsible for any State or Local taxes involving ticket or merchandising sales by users.


    1. The District has first rights to all concessions and merchandising sales during events which occur on District properties. All

    merchandising and concessions by outside Users must be approved by the Facilities Scheduling Coordinator, and any such sales

    controlled by outside organizations are subject to collection by the District, representing l 0% of gross income collected by the



    This application/permit is a binding contract between the Othello School District and the responsible parties indicated on the "Application for Use of School Facilities," and no assumption shall be made by any other persons in regards to facilities use and regulations affecting such use that are not written here. This permit supersedes any contracts, permits or agreements made between the applicant/user and any other parties, at any time pre or postdate of said application. All State and Local Laws, District policies and regulations are, by this reference, in effect with regards to facility use within the Othello School District.