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    LEARN Academy will not be offered in the Winter of 2020/2021 due to the COVID pandemic.

    LEARN stands for Learn, Educate, Achieve, Resources, and Nurture.  LEARN Academy works to ensure that, from the time they are born, our kids are immersed in healthy, supportive environments that will enable them to thrive, and set them on the path to school and college readiness.  LEARN Academy promotes a partnership between the Othello School District and our families to advocate for and provide resources to each of our children.

    LEARN Academy is a seven-week program that teaches child development and parenting skills to parents of children birth to three.  Over the seven weeks, families will engage in research-based workshops focused on brain development, executive function, social and emotional literacy, early numeracy, early literacy, behaviors and discipline, and early interventions.  

    LEARN Academy is offered two times a year in the fall and winter.  The workshops are taught in English and Spanish and divided into seven consecutive weeks.  Parents will participate in structured lessons and various learning activities with their children.  Families will leave with a variety of activities and tools to use in their homes to promote positive relationships and early learning.

    To learn more about LEARN Academy contact our Teaching and Learning Department at 509-488-4544.