• students sitting on the floor laughing and engaging with teacher

    READY! for Kindergarten is a research-based program offered by the Othello School District for the parents of children in our district, age birth to 5 years. This program promotes early childhood learning that research has proven to be vital to academic success in school. READY! knows that parents and caregivers are the best and most influential teachers for children in that 5 year age span. Research has proven that children are capable of learning more and at a faster rate in their first 5 years than at any other time in their lives.

    The RFK classes are offered three times a year, fall, winter and spring. The classes are taught in English as well as Spanish and are broken into 5 different age groups. This gives parents 15 age appropriate classes to attend if they start when their child is an infant. Parents are given high quality, age appropriate, teaching tools (toys) for their children and research based lessons on how to “play with a purpose”. These lessons focus on three main areas: Language and Literacy, Math and Reasoning, and lastly, on Social and Emotional. Parents are encouraged to spend 5-10 minutes a day with purposeful play with their child and are also asked to read 20 minutes every day to their child.

    Each year, a Pre-Kindergarten Assessment is given to children entering Kindergarten. To learn more about the RFK program in Othello, contact our Teaching & Learning Department.