• The Othello School Board of Directors invite you to join the Facilities Advisory Committee!

    The purpose of the Othello School Board Facilities Advisory Committee will be to provide the Board with options relating to both short and long-term facility needs. The duties of this committee will be the following:

    1. Develop a 5-year facilities plan based on the instructional vision of the Othello School District.
    2. Prioritize this plan from most immediate needs to future needs.
    3. Seek input from experts inside and outside the community to determine the fiscal impact of the needs that have been determined.
    4. Provide the Board with at least two (2) options that include the fiscal impact and a timeline for each option.

    The committee will consist of no more than 25 members and will include the following:

    • Two (2) School Board Members (nominated by the majority of the Board)
    • Three (3) members of the OSD administrative staff to include the Superintendent, the Executive Director of Business Services and one school site administrator (nominated by their peers)
    • One (1) teacher from each school site (nominated by their peers)
    • One (1) elected member of City leadership (City Council or Mayor)
    • Five (5) parents (lottery system for appointment)
    • Two (2) high school age students (nominated by the board student representatives)
    • Five (5) community members with no ties to the School District (lottery system for appointment)

    At the first meeting, the committee members will nominate a committee chair and vice chair (Board members, the Superintendent, and the Executive Director of Business Services are not eligible for nomination). The committee members will meet at least twice monthly and will provide the school board with monthly updates of progress. At the first monthly update, the committee will also provide the board with a proposed deadline for completion of the committee's duties.

    If you are interested in participating on the Facilities Advisory Committee, please click here to answer a few questions. 

    If you have any questions regarding GP-6.1, please contact the Superintendent's office at 509-488-2659 ext 1003.