• Distance Learning for Students at Lutacaga Elementary School

    On April 6, 2020, Governor Inslee announced the closure of all schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Because of this announcement, Lutacaga Elementary School will be transitioning to a Continuous Distance Learning model. Teachers will be providing students with weekly learning plans either through online platforms (such as Google Classroom) or by providing them educational learning packets. Continuous Distance Learning will concentrate on essential core learning principles, and learning efforts will help students improve their learning and allow them to prepare for the next grade level.

    The Othello School District will be transitioning away from providing district-wide educational packets for grades PK-8. Beginning Monday, April 20th, Lutacaga Elementary's Continuous Distance Learning plan is as follows: 

    Communication Between Teachers & Students

    All teachers have been working to get in contact with their student's families. Teachers are providing families with information regarding their continuous learning plan and what they can expect moving forward (whether that be online instruction or educational packets). Please note: In order to protect our teachers personal information, calls are being made using a blocked phone number. If you receive a call from a blocked number, please answer your phone as it may be your child's student's teachers. 

    • If you have not heard from your student's teacher yet, please call our school office during working hours to ensure we have the correct phone number on file.

    Students With Internet Access

    Our teachers are currently planning schedules to meet with your children via online platforms, as well as assigning assignments to help them continue to learn. Teachers will be leveraging online platforms that students are familiar with such as Google Classroom, Zoom, Zearn, Fast Math, etc. Please encourage your children to participate in the learning and to make contact with their teacher weekly.

    Students Without Internet Access

    Lutacaga Elementary School will continue to provide educational packets for student's without internet access that will cover a week's work of instruction. Parent will have to pick up these packets at Lutacaga Elementary School. We will no longer use our lunch distribution routes since now all educational packets will be school specific learning materials. The educational packets align with the work teachers are sharing via online platforms, therefore, students need to complete either the online HW or the educational packet, not both.

    Parents can pick up educational packets at the following location and times:

    • Location: In front of the Lutacaga office
    • Time: Every Monday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM AND every Tuesday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

    Parents are advised to stay in their vehicles as you drive through the loop. A staff member will come to your window to help you.

    We will continue providing the educational packets online for easy access. Click on your student's grade level below to download the materials for the week of May 25th - May 29th.

    Please note: Educational packets are not expected to be turned back in.

    kindergarten icon 1st grade icon 2nd grade icon 3rd grade icon 4th grade icon 5th grade icon 6th grade icon

    Dual Language Continues

    Lutacaga will continue providing our students with a 50/50 learning model. Beginning April 20th, students will receive material in both English and Spanish. Lutacaga is currently using our Facebook platform to share specialist resources such as daily workouts for students, art projects, educational music videos and more. 

    Chromebook Concerns

    If you have concerns or are having issues with your student's Chromebook. Please fill out the following form: OSD Chromebook Repair

    The Technology Department will be in contact with you as soon as possible to help. 

    Let's Stay Connected!

    If you have any questions regarding your child's schedule, the online assignments, or learning in general, please reach out to your child's teacher through email. For all other questions, please contact the office during office hours by calling (509) 488-9669. Please continue to look for updates on the Lutacaga Facebook page, the Othello School District Facebook page and our websites. 

    Office Hours

    Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.