• Welcome to Lutacaga Elementary School!

    Lutacaga Vision Statement:

    We create and cultivate a safe environment of respect and rapport, where instruction is intentional, engaging, challenging, and accessible for all students.

    Lutacaga Mission Statement:

    Bilingual, Biliterate, Bicultural, By Choice

    Lutacaga Belief Statements:

    • Parents, teachers, and community share in the responsibility of learning together, in order to teach our kids to be life-long learners.
    • Lutacaga staff, community, parents and students have shared responsibility for problem-solving and decision making. 
    • The Lutacaga community fosters the concept that every child can succeed. 
    • Lutacaga will be a welcoming, safe, and nurturing environment for everyone teaching and learning.

    Lutacaga Building Goals and Expectations:

    The staff of Lutacaga Elementary School, in conjunction with parents, community members, and students, will create a safe, healthy, learning environment.  Our school will work toward meeting diversified needs while fostering the development of responsible, problem solving citizens in an ever-changing society.  We will teach positive behaviors and attitudes as a foundation of academic excellence for future success.

    Students at Lutacaga will be taught expectations and learn what it means to be safe, respectful and responsible members of our school community.