• Weapons Policy

    The Othello School District has a no tolerance policy toward students who are in any way involved with a weapon on school property or at a school activity. The recommended penalty for possession or involvement with a weapon on school property or at a school activity is expulsion. Expulsion is a state requirement if the weapon is a firearm. Weapons have no place and will not be tolerated in the school environment.

    We have had some instances of students being at school or on school property with a toy weapon or with other items that could be construed to be weapons. These include toys that look like guns or other weapons, pellet guns, paintball guns, and variations of knives. These items will be considered as weapons and can result in severe penalties including expulsion.

    The Othello School District also has a no tolerance policy towards students who make threats to do severe bodily harm. These types of threats will be taken seriously and may result in expulsion.

    School property related to this policy includes school buildings, play fields, athletic fields, and parking lots.

    Please Note:

    • It is a one year mandatory expulsion for possession of firearms at school
    • It is mandatory for parents/guardians and law enforcement to be notified
    • Re-admission is required. Only the chief school district officer or designee may modify this explusion