• Middle School Promotion Requirement

    Minimum requirements for promotion from McFarland Middle School are as follows:

    1. Student must pass 20-semester classes to qualify for promotion to Othello High School.
    2. Summer school will be recommended for all 7th and 8th graders that are not online to promote.  
    3. Students will be required to maintain a student learning plan throughout their middle school experience culminated by 3 writing samples (best works) gathered during their 8th-grade year in order to promote to Othello High School.
    4. In order to participate in the middle school promotion assembly, students shall have completed the minimum requirements for promotion and have no outstanding fines.

    Regulations Regarding the Waiving of Promotion Requirements

    If a transfer from another school requiring fewer classes results in a shortage of classes to total class requirement can be adjusted. Enrollment in similar middle school or approved correspondence courses may be substituted for required courses in the event the student:

    • Entered McFarland Middle School by transfer, has physical limitations that prevent normal participation.
    • Adjustments and substitutions must be approved through the middle school review committee process.

    Middle School Review Committee

    At times when deemed in the best interest of the student, specific promotion requirements may be substituted with credits earned through additional or alternative learning experiences.

    • A  Student desiring special consideration shall present to the middle school principal a written request co-signed by his/her parents. This request shall be presented early enough to provide ample study by the review committee. All requests for acceptance of alternative learning experiences must be made and approved before attempting the alternative learning experiences.
    • A review committee chaired by the middle school principal and consisting of a middle school assistant principal, a counselor and department chairpersons shall review such requests and recommend approval or disapproval.
    • The review committee’s recommendation will be forwarded to the superintendent for a decision.
    • A written statement as to the disposition of the request shall be made available to the student and his/her parent.