• 8th Grade Promotion Participation

    The Promotion Ceremony, at the end of each school year for 8th-grade students, is a tradition at McFarland Middle School. To honor the past and our students, it is our goal to have 100% of our students meet the criteria to participate in our Promotion Ceremony. Our requirements represent the minimum expectation we have of all students at our school while also striving for a standard of excellence in the areas of academics, behavior, and attendance. For academics, we have high expectations in post-secondary education and in the workforce to meet qualifications and certifications. For behavior, we must be able to conduct ourselves as part of a team and to positively develop professional relationships. For attendance, there is a societal expectation to show others we can exercise punctuality and that our profession can rely on us to be present and contribute regularly. Participation in our Promotion Ceremony is a privilege. The students who have met the minimum requirements and who earn this privilege are ready for the rigor and expectations of a high school education. These students can participate and have their names read at Promotion, promoting to Othello High School.

    The minimum requirements for participation in the promotion ceremony for McFarland Middle School are as follows:

    1. Academics: Students must have a full schedule and have 4 of 6 classes with a passing grade in the 2nd semester, at a minimum, to participate in our Promotion Ceremony.
    2. Behavior: Students with one short-term suspension or less for the 2nd semester can participate in our Promotion Ceremony. Long-term suspension students will not participate due to state law prohibiting them from being on school property during a suspension.
    3. Attendance: Students with a truancy petition filed with the Adams County Superior Court will not participate in our Promotion Ceremony.

    Students who do not meet all requirements can appeal to the McFarland Middle School Review Committee.

    If you have any questions about student participation in our Promotion Ceremony, please feel free to contact Carlos Gonzalez, Principal of McFarland Middle School, at carlosgonzalez@othelloschools.org or at 509-488-3326. Thank you!