• Welcome to Wahitis Elementary School!

    We, the staff at Wahitis Elementary School, are dedicated to providing your child with a well-rounded educational experience. We will work relentlessly to help students acquire the skills they need to be on track for college. We will help your children know they are capable of learning. We will challenge them to push through when it's hard. We will let them know they are important, that they are valued. We will believe in them so that they will believe in themselves.

    As a part of the Othello School District, our mission is to create and cultivate an environment of respect and rapport, where instruction is intentional, engaging, challenging, and accessible for all students.  To that end, throughout the 2019-2020 school year, as a district, we are focused on improving all students’ ability to comprehend what they have read as well as all students’ conceptual understanding and procedural skills in mathematics.  We will accomplish the District’s instructional focus, based on the work of educational researcher John Hattie, through providing feedback to students, collective teacher efficacy, and teacher clarity.  

    The Wahitis Instructional System was built to put our mission into practice and to ensure that all of our students will meet these District and Building goals. We are dedicated to serving you and your children!

    In an environment of equity and respect, each student will graduate with the academic success and ethical behaviors to succeed as a responsible citizen and ready to compete in our global society. In order to prepare our students for life after school, we believe:

    • All of our students are all of our students
    • It is all about relationships
    • All of our students can and will meet standards
    • Nobody gets to give up, opt out, or fail
    • Every decision comes down to doing what is best for our students and not what is convenient for the adults

    We will continue to work until 100% of our students are prepared. We continually reflect on our progress and move forward.

    Mission Statement: We will prepare every student at Wahitis Elementary School for a successfull middle school experience.

    Belief Statements: Our work is grounded in these core beliefs:

    What We Believe:

    • It's all about relationships,
    • All of our kids are all of our kids.
    • All of our kids can meet standard.
    • Nobody gets to give up, opt-out, or fail.
    • Every decision comes down to "what's best for kids?" not what's convenient for adults.

    What We Expect of Ourselves:

    • We will team. Collaboration is not optional.
    • We will teach to standard, teach to mastery, and teach with intensity.
    • We will have high expectations.
    • We will give our kids more than academic skills. They will leave us with confidence, determination, and a life plan.
    • We will find solutions, not make excuses.
    • We will never be perfect, but we will constantly strive to get better.