• Dress Code

    Othello High School, Grades 9-12 dress code, supports our District Vision to cultivate a safe environment of respect and rapport, where instruction is intentional, engaging, challenging, and accessible for all students. Our school dress code is a way to teach students the importance of a respectable appearance, a lesson that can positively impact self-respect, self-esteem, and preparation for what is expected in the global setting and workplace.  This dress code will be applied at the judgment of the school administration.

    1. In order to encourage a positive and safe school environment, attire that promotes alcohol, drugs, inappropriate or offensive images/language, or anything that could disrupt the educational process, is prohibited.  
    2. Clothing with holes, rips, or tears below mid-thigh are acceptable (leggings must be worn underneath for holes above mid-thigh).  
    3. Oversized or saggy clothing, which may reveal undergarments, is not permitted.  
    4. Clothing must be modest and appropriate for the school setting.  Bare midriffs, tank tops, pajamas, or visible underwear is not permitted.  
    5. Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh length or longer.  
    6. Footwear, at a minimum, must meet minimum safety requirements in any educational environment or setting (classroom, science lab, weight room, wood/metal shop, etc.)  
    7. Any dress that promotes gang activity in a public school setting is strictly prohibited for any individual student or groups.  We understand gang dress, tattoos, and styles evolve through time and this enforcement will be at the discretion/judgment of school administration.  If necessary, we may consult with Adams County Juvenile Court and/or the Othello Police Department. 
    8. Sunglasses may not be worn in buildings.
    9. School Administration may exercise their authority to determine/enforce any clothing that is a major disruption to the school environment. 

    Students in violation of the dress code will be asked to remove the item or change clothing.  This may include students being sent home to change.

    Students unable to meet OHS general expectations, the attendance policy, or dress code policy on a consistent basis will be subject to corrective actions by staff and/or administration.