• 2018-2019 Student Course Handbook



    1. The school year is divided into two semesters of 18 weeks each.
    2. Class periods are approximately 50 minutes in duration
    3. One-half credit (.5) is awarded upon the satisfactory completion of each course during a semester.
    4. The credit referred to throughout this course handbook is the semester credit of .5.
    5. A student must pass all required courses plus a minimum number of elective courses prior to graduation.
    6. A student's GPA (grade point average) is reported on the transcript for both individual grading periods and cumulative total of his/her high school course record.
    7. A-F letter grades (no A+/D-) are granted for all courses except for the Teacher Assistant Program. T.A.'s will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. 


    1. Freshman……… A student attending his/her first year of high school.
    2. Sophomore……. A student who begins his/her second year.
    3. Junior…………. ..A student who begins his/her third year.
    4. Senior…………. .A student who begins his/her fourth year.

    To stay “on-track” to graduate in four years with credit totals, a minimum number is established for each grade level.  If the minimum is not reached, an alternate course of action may be considered. (IE: Alternative school, online options, extra year).


    The Board of Directors adopted, as a minimum for graduation from Othello High School, the WAC 180-51-068 minimum requirements for graduation and additional requirements as outlined in this policy.  Minimum requirements for graduation from Othello High School are as follows:


    1. Class of 2019 and beyond = 26 credits are required for graduation.
    2. A student must meet graduation requirements to participate in commencement ceremonies unless otherwise approved by the principal/district office personnel.


    1. Four years of attendance are required for graduation from Othello High School.
    2. It is recommended that students in grades 9, 10, and 11 carry seven classes, It is recommended that students in grade 12 carry a minimum of six classes. Seniors may schedule an “open period” during 1st or 7th periods only. Release time will not be allowed during any term when it would place the student in a position of not having adequate credits to meet graduation requirements.
    3. Students may, upon parent/guardian request, be excused during one period per  day for regular off-campus religious instruction (NO CREDIT). This release shall only be available during scheduled periods of the day, and this release time program is intended to be in lieu of a class, rather than allowing excused absences from a regularly scheduled class or activity. Release time will not be allowed during any term when it would place the student in a position of not having adequate credits to meet graduation requirements.


    Minimum high school course requirements for the public baccalaureate institutions in the State of Washington (1 credit is the equivalent of 1 year):

    English - 4 years
    Social Studies - 3 years
    World Language (same language) - 2 years
    Mathematics (through Senior year and Alg 2 or through Pre-Calculus) - 3 years
    Science (at least 2 years must be laboratory science) - 3 years
    Visual and Performing Arts - 2 years



    Enrollment in a similar high school, college, or correspondence course may be substituted for required courses (as approved by the principal) in the event that the student:

    1. Entered Othello High School by transfer.
    2. Has physical limitations that prevent normal participation.
    3. Is noticeably older than those student normally enrolled for the course.
    4. Has economic or family obligations that prevent normal participation in school.


    Approaching the culmination of high school, students normally possess a multitude of educational and vocational interests. Continued educational growth beyond the minimum requirements of graduation may be partially fulfilled through an alternative learning experience.


    1. Fulfill a regular on-site program at Othello High School.
    2. Participate in college courses offered at Othello High School.
    3. Participate in Running Start on the campuses of BBCC, CBC or WSU-TC.
    4. Attend Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center.

    Running Start is a program for "qualified" juniors and seniors. Students interested in this program need to take the required college placement test the semester before entering the running start program. We RECOMMEND that students are on-line to graduate for their respective grade.  In addition students must be passing Huskie Futures, have a minimum GPA of 3.0, have good attendance and receive teacher recommendations of strong work ethic.

    The EWU, UW or CWU Concurrent Enrollment Programs are identified as College in the High School.  Students are responsible for purchasing required textbooks and course materials.  In accordance with RCW 28A.600.290 ,student will receive college credit from EWU, UW, CWU upon successful completion of a College in the High School course.  An OHS student may not take more than two classes (10 quarter credits= 2.0 OHS credits) in one school year.  ADVANCED PLACEMENT courses require taking a national exam in May to determine whether or not they will receive college credit.  The credit is given at individual colleges according to their scores on the national exam.

    The PROGRAM OF STUDY gives students the ability to take specific high school classes for which they will be given community college credit.  In order to be eligible for PROGRAM OF STUDY credit, a student must have a “B” average or better in their high school class and enroll in the community college. Eligible PROGRAM OF STUDY classes are listed in more detail in the course catalog part of this document.

    • Teaching Academy
    • Computer Applications (formerly digitools)
    • Accounting

    Junior and senior students who are interested in the COLUMBIA BASIN TECHNICAL SKILLS CENTER for specific skills in various areas of industry may inquire in the Student Services office about the program.  It is recommended that students are on-track to graduate and have met mandated state assessments.


    At times, when deemed in the best interest of the student, specific graduation requirements may be waived:

    1. A review board chaired by the high school principal, consisting of other high school administrators, counselors, and department chairpersons, shall consider special requests.
    2. A student desiring special consideration shall present a written request, co-signed be his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) to the high school principal. This request shall be presented early enough to provide ample study by the Review Board.
    3. The Review Board's recommendation will be forwarded to the superintendent for a decision.
    4. A written statement as to the disposition of the request shall be made available to the student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s).


    The Othello High School Student Services Office provides an array of services including, but not limited to the following: Special Education referrals, Section 504 Plans, scholarships, transcripts, credit review, new student information, immunization records, student records, academic/career/ personal counseling and Drug/Alcohol Intervention. Various assessments may be administered and/or interpreted by the counselors including SAT/ACT, ASVAB, PSAT, SBA, ELPA 21, EOC and all alternative state-approved assessments.

    Parents/guardians and students are encouraged to contact the Student Services Office with questions, concerns or to make an appointment. Office hours are 7:55 a.m. to 3:25 p.m. or by appointment.  The telephone number is 488-3351 Ext. 2020.


    Students who transfer from schools that are on different schedules will not be penalized.  Those students who were not able to earn a maximum of 7 credits per year may have their graduation credits requirements adjusted. Counselors and principals will review individual student situations.


    One year of high school can be completed as an international foreign exchange student.  The subjects a student takes while he/she is an exchange student should be very similar to the ones taken by students in the same grade level in Othello High School.

    Some courses that possibly wouldn't be offered in a school in a foreign country should be taken at Othello High School in advance of going to the foreign country, if at all possible.  If the returning student lacks credit or didn't have opportunity to take a required course, a review board can decide whether or not these can be waived for graduation.