• Visitors

    Any person not currently enrolled as a DOHS student or staff member is a visitor and must report to the office.  Visitors will not be permitted to loiter on the school campus or in buildings. Parents are to schedule conferences in advance at times convenient for school personnel and parents. Students are not permitted to have visitors during the school day, unless pre approved by building administrator. OHS students are permitted on DOHS grounds before and after school but are not to be on DOHS grounds between 8:30 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. unless signing in through the office.

    Lost & Found

    Articles that are found should be taken to the office.  Library books should be taken to the office.


    Students are not allowed to use teacher phones in classrooms.   The office phone may be used between classes, before and after school, and at lunch.  Please keep your calls short if someone is waiting to use the phone. The telephone may not be used during class time without permission. Students found to be misusing the phone will be subject to school discipline.

    Fire Drills

    In case of a fire emergency, the signal to evacuate the building will be the continuous sounding of the emergency alarm or bell.  There will be an evacuation plan posted in each classroom. Each teacher will give instructions regarding specific procedures.


    The Board of Directors of Othello School District has adopted a policy covering the dispensing of medications by school employees.  A copy of this policy is available upon request. All medications must be dispensed through the office upon instructions provided by a physician.

    Parking Lot

    Parking in the student lot near the gym is on a “First-Come/First-Served” basis.  There will be no reserved parking. Please use the parking lot. Do not park in front of the school as this area is for visitors, buses and visiting district members.  The residence manager has asked that we DO NOT PARK in the parking lot across the street. This parking is for RESIDENTS ONLY. If we find that you are doing this, you will be given ONE warning.  If you continue, your vehicle may be towed by the residence manager at YOUR EXPENSE!

    Students should always lock their vehicles and not leave valuables in them. The school is not responsible for vandalism or lost or stolen items from the parking lot.

    Changing Class Schedules

    Once a student’s class schedule has been finalized for the school term, it can only be changed following a parent, student, counselor, and teacher conference, to justify the change.  The Principal must approve the change.

    School Dances & Guest Passes

    Dances are held by the ASB and are for high school students only.  All school rules for behavior are in effect. Students who leave a dance will not be allowed to return.  The school is not responsible for valuables brought to dances. If you wish to bring a high school-aged guest to a DOHS dance, you must have the name of the guest, phone number as well as address for verification and principal approval of said guest.  Only OHS or DOHS students will be admitted unless approved by administration. NO EXCEPTIONS.