• Welcome to Othello High School!

    At Othello High School we take pride in our school in the way we communicate, learn, and interact with students, staff, parents and community.


    Huskies arrive to every class on time, with proper materials, and prepared to
    learn. They dedicate themselves to working hard, getting involved, and
    graduating on time and are conscious of the choices they make and the
    impact on the school, their classmates, and themselves.


    Huskies make the safety of themselves and others a priority. They treat people the way they would want to be treated, and choose to contribute to a safe and positive learning environment.


    Huskies conduct themselves in a manner that honors OHS, the community,
    and their families. They demonstrate a growth mindset and continually strive
    for improvement. They treat staff and fellow students cordially and

    General Expectations:

    Students will:

    • Obtain a parking pass from ASB before parking in the student parking lot
    • Park in an orderly fashion and exercise caution when entering and leaving the parking lots
    • Have student ID available for lunch, fines, and checking out library books
    • Line up for lunch in an orderly fashion and follow the in/out path for breakfast and lunch
    • Keep assigned locker clean and free of stickers
    • Limit personal affection to brief hugs and holding hands
    • Use conflict resolution strategies when having problems with others
    • Seek staff assistance before a situation turns into a fight
    • Respect the property of others by asking permission first and taking good care while in use
    • Complete their own school work and not engage in acts of plagiarism or cheating
    • Keep the campus clean by picking up and throwing away garbage
    • Comply with all sanctions related to violations of student conduct
    • Follow specific classroom rules as explained in individual teacher's course syllabus