• Dress Code Othello School Board Policy No. 3224- Elementary Dress Code

    In general students should dress in neat, clean appropriate clothing that does not disrupt the educational process. This specifically includes the following:

    1. No bare midriffs or styles that show one’s undergarments. All shirt sleeves should reach the shoulder(two student fingers wide). Bare midriff is any time skin shows above the pants and below the top while the student is in the normal range of motion.

    2. Footwear, at a minimum, must meet minimum safety requirements in any educational environment or setting. (Playground, PE, Classroom)

    3. No clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, or insinuating sexual, discriminatory, or violent messages.

    4. Shorts and skirts may be worn-but must be at least fingertip length. Rips and holes in pants/jeans must all be below fingertip length as well.

    5. Clothing must fit appropriately. Oversized clothing is not to be worn. Pants or shorts are to be worn at the waistline and must be no more than two inches larger than waist size. Pants or shorts that have large or revealing holes are not acceptable.

    6. Any dress that promotes gang activity in a public school setting is strictly prohibited for any individual student or groups. We understand gang dress, tattoos, and styles evolve through time and this enforcement will be at the discretion/judgment of the school administration. If necessary, we may consult with Adams County Juvenile Court and/or the Othello Police Department.

    7.Accommodations can be made for medical or physical needs with approval from the school administration.

    Students found to be violating this policy will be asked to immediately conform to the policy and will be subject to disciplinary action according to the Othello School District Discipline Policy.