• Welcome to Hiawatha Elementary School!

    We are here to provide the best learning experience possible to meet the individual needs of your child.

    We believe that we are partners with you in educating your child.  Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.  Teachers are available before and after school to talk with you.  The principals' doors are always open to students, parents and community members.   We encourage you to call, write, or come in person to discuss any concerns or educational ideas.  To ensure having adequate time, please call 488-3389 to set up an appointment.

    We realize how valuable your time is. However, we would really appreciate your participation in as many school related activities as you can this year.

    Hiawatha Mission Statement:

    Working together to become successful and responsible learners for life. 

    Hiawatha Vission Statement:

    As part of the Othello School District, at Hiawatha we create and cultivate a safe environment of respect and rapport, where instruction is intentional, engaging, challenging, and accessible for all students. 

    Hiawatha Values:

    • Safe
    • On-Task
    • Always Respectful
    • Responsible