• Distance Learning for Students at Desert Oasis High School

    On April 6, 2020, Governor Inslee announced the closure of all schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Because of this announcement, Desert Oasis High School will be transitioning to a Continuous Distance Learning model. Teachers will be providing students with weekly learning plans through online platforms (such as Google Classroom). Continuous Distance Learning will concentrate on essential core learning principles, and learning efforts will help students improve their learning and allow them to prepare for the next grade level.

    Beginning Monday, April 20th, Desert Oasis High School's Continuous Distance Learning plan is as follows: 

    Communication Between Teachers & Students

    All teachers have been working to get in contact with their student's families. Teachers are providing families with information regarding their continuous learning plan and what they can expect moving forward (whether that be online instruction or paper resources for those without internet). Please note: In order to protect our teachers personal information, calls are being made using a blocked phone number. If you receive a call from a blocked number, please answer your phone as it may be your child's student's teachers. 

    • If you have not heard from your student's teacher yet, please call our school office during working hours to ensure we have the correct phone number on file.

    Expectations and Assignments for Each Tier

    Tier I Students:

    • All DOHS teachers have been posting their assignments/projects on a weekly basis using Google Classroom. Assignments are posted every Tuesday by 12:00 PM.
    • All assignments are being graded and added to Skyward on a weekly basis.
    • Students have been receiving messages from their teachers through Google Classroom.
    • Teachers have shared their "office hours" with their students in case they have specific questions about the assignments/projects or need direct contact with their teacher. Most teachers are available every day of the week by email. 

    Tier II Students:

    • Ms. Mendoza has contacted all of her students to encourage them to continue working on their Odysseyware classes.
    • Ms. Mendoza has provided her personal cell phone number to all of her students for easy communication.
    • Any student taking an Odysseyware class will be able to bypass their tests and quizzes this quarter. Their final class grade will be based on their assignments for that specific class.
    • Once students finish a class they are to contact Ms. Mendoza so she can open a new class for them.
    • Weekly contact with the teacher will be expected.

    Tier III Students (this applies to all MMS, OHS and DOHS students):

    • Students are expected to work on complete their assigned Odysseyware class.
    • Mr. Swan has reached out to most of his students, but some have not returned his email or phone calls. He will continue to try and make contact with his students.
    • Any student taking an Odysseyware class will be able to bypass their tests and quizzes this quarter. Their final class grade will be based on their assignments for that specific class. 
    • Once students finish a class they are to contact Mr. Swan so he can open a new class for them.
    • Weekly contact with the teacher will be expected.

    Senior Student Update

    Seniors, we highy encourage you to stay caught up with your weekly assignments. Your High School and Beyond Plan is still a requirement for graduation, so if you have not completed or started the requirements, please do so. If any senior student has not completed their job shadow experience, we ask that you contact Mr. DeFouw or Mrs. Tovar for more information on how to complete this requirement. Additionally, it is important that you contact Mrs. Tovar if you have any questions or concerns about your current credit and graduation status. At this time, our graduation ceremony status have not been determined. Our district staff is currently accepting feedback from parents and students. We will provide you with information as soon as the details are established. 

    Student Accountability

    Parents, DOHS staff and administrators will be meeting on a weekly basis to review how your student is doing academically. Each teacher will send a list of student names identifying those who have not accessed the weekly assignment(s) or turned them into their teachers. Mr. Tovar and Ms. Galan will be making weekly phone calls to these students and their parents to encourage them to complete their assignments. Please keep in mind that your student's ability to earn credit for this quarter will depend on whether they complete their weekly assignments through Google Classroom or not. Your students graduation could also depend on these assignments. 

    Chromebooks & Internet Access

    DOHS has offered three days where students had the ability to pick up Chromebooks, but we still have many students who have not picked up their Chromebook. Mrs. Tovar will be contacting each of these students to encourage them to pick up their Chromebooks between the hours of 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at DOHS. 

    Students with no internet access are encouraged to visit one of the Othello School District's parking lots to access the districts WIFI and download their weekly assignments. 

    Chromebook Concerns

    If you have concerns or are having issues with your student's Chromebook. Please fill out the following form: OSD Chromebook Repair

    The Technology Department will be in contact with you as soon as possible to help. 

    Let's Stay Connected!

    If you have any questions regarding your child's schedule, the online assignments, or learning in general, please reach out to your child's teacher through email or Google Classroom. For all other questions, please contact the office during office hours by calling (509) 488-4534. Please continue to look for updates on the DOHS Facebook page, the Othello School District Facebook page and our websites. 

    Office Hours

    Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.