• Carlos Gonzalez OSD Picture

    Carlos Gonzalez, Principal

    McFarland Middle School Families,

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  We, at McFarland Middle School, have the honor and privilege of inspiring our kids to be the best they can be.  Our focus is Belonging & Impact.  The idea of Belonging & Impact is directly tied to student achievement.  The middle school experience is where students begin to find their identity as individuals.  This is also where they continue to learn their potential as learners and where their work ethic begins to manifest.  It’s also a time for us to instill the importance of character and kindness, well-being, and engagement.  Relationships matter, and we’re counting on a strong partnership between our school and each household to help every single student feel and believe that they belong at McFarland Middle School.  I look forward to our partnership in learning.  Together, we can do great things!

    Carlos Gonzalez Professional Biography:

    Carlos M. Gonzalez, Jr. is entering his 22nd year as an educator and loves serving the students and community of Othello as the Principal of McFarland Middle School. Mr. Gonzalez began his career in education in the North Franklin School District as a Health and Fitness teacher and also served as a Reading Intervention Specialist from 2002-2007.  In 2007, Mr. Gonzalez earned the Assistant Principal position at Othello High School until becoming the Principal of Othello High School in 2012.  He served as the Principal of Othello High School from 2012 to 2016.  He served as the Principal of Clarkston High School in the 2016-2017 school year and returned to Othello in 2017.  Mr. Gonzalez earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Washington State University in 2000 and his Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration from Washington State University Tri-Cities in 2005. Mr. Gonzalez is a product of Othello and graduated from Othello High School in 1995.  With 16 years of administration experience at the secondary level, Mr. Gonzalez is very capable and confident in his experiences in leading effective school systems, supporting social-emotional learning of students and staff, effective teaching practices, AVID, Professional Learning Communities, Special Education and 504, English Language Learning and student discipline and behavioral interventions, etc. He is an athletics and activities enthusiast and loves the whole school experience and looks forward to supporting the Othello School District's Graduate Profile and commitments to Professional Learning Communities, English Language Learning and Professional Feedback for McFarland Mustang staff.  Mr. Gonzalez is married to Marci Gonzalez, a talented and experienced educator and leader at Lutacaga Elementary School in the Othello School District.  They have four amazing boys and a daughter-in-law: Bo & Breanna, Ezra, Mateo, and Elias.


    Brenda Dunn OSD Picture

    Brenda Dunn, Assistant Principal  

    Dear McFarland Middle School families, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I join the McFarland Middle School team as your assistant principal. Along with the excitement, I realize the great responsibility that I have to inspire, empower, and influence our students and staff. It is my belief that students grow and achieve more when they are surrounded by involved and compassionate teachers. I am greatly looking forward to working with you to give our students what each and every one of them deserve -- a quality, rigorous education that will prepare them for success in high school and beyond.

    Brenda Dunn Professional Biography:

    Brenda Dunn serves the Othello School District as the Assistant Principal at McFarland Middle School and has 28 years of educational experience with her.  Prior to joining OSD, Brenda worked as a middle school math teacher in Maysville, Oklahoma and Tacoma, Washington. In addition to classroom teaching experience, Brenda has taught Math Methods I & II at City University of Seattle, served as a building and district instructional coach, and Dean of Students.  Brenda holds a WA teacher certificate in Elementary Education, a WA K-12 Administrative certificate, and has earned her National Boards in Adolescent Mathematics. She also earned her Master's Degree in Education in 2000 and her Bachelor's Degree in Education with endorsements in mathematics, science, and social studies in 1992.

    Jenny Hokanson OSD Picture

    Jenny Hokanson, Assistant Principal    

    Dear McFarland Middle School families,I am so excited about starting my administrative journey with the Othello School District, as an assistant principal.  I look forward to getting to know each of you and your students! I come with the belief that every student deserves a safe, respectful and impactful learning experience.  I bring with me enthusiasm and a positive attitude that will help our Mustangs succeed.  I am looking forward to creating collaborative community relationships that will help our students explore different career options for their future. I have a special place for Othello in my heart as my Dad and many relatives have graduated from OHS.  Go Mustangs!


    Jenny Hokanson Professional Biography:


    Jenny Hokanson graduated from Western Governors University with her BA in Mathematics Education. Jenny worked at all grade levels as a substitute teacher from 2010 to 2017.  From 2017-2022, Jenny worked at Robert Olds Junior High School as a math teacher.  Jenny graduated from Eastern Washington University with her MA in Educational Leadership with a Principal Certification in 2021. Jenny comes with experience in co-teaching and special education.  Perhaps Jenny’s most valuable experience was gained by being a mother of 6 children: Haylee, Owen, Frans, Molly, Mikaydi and Jax.