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CDL Course Coming to OHS

An exciting new CTE course is coming to Othello High School. Starting in the Spring trimester, students 18 years or older can enroll in a course to earn their CDL endorsement. The program's centerpiece is a 2016 freightliner 10-speed tractor and a retired dairy tanker, delivered on September 2nd. 


According to Amy Parris, Director of Student Services, the program is relatively uncommon among Washington State high schools. She knows only a few other schools offering a CDL class, including nearby Connell. "It's going to be amazing for our local workforce to be able to supply our region with more CDL-qualified graduates," Parris said. 


The class will be taught by Dawn Douglas, one of OSD's transportation driver-trainers, and Homer Montemayor. "I think it's going to be a great opportunity to provide success for our students," said Douglas. "Not everyone is going to go to college, so we are allowing kids to graduate with a career." In addition to being able to test for their CDL endorsement at the end of the course, students will also be forklift certified. 


Parris said local and regional partners helped make the course possible and affordable. "Students will have to cover their testing and permit fees, but CBHA is stepping in to help with some of the other costs like drug testing and the DOT physical," Parris said. She also thanked LTI Trucking. "They were able to get us the tractor and tanker at a very reasonable price, and that's greatly appreciated," she said. 


The tractor and tanker were purchased for just over $21,000. The CDL course will start in the Spring trimester. 


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