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Welcome Back Message from Dr. Perez

Hello, Othello families and staff.


As we start our new school year, I have a lot of anticipation and excitement for the opportunities ahead of us. This year, we are continuing our quest for growth. 


Our schools have always been places of innovation, inspiration, and community. Our goals are carried over from last year. We're focusing on improving outcomes for multilingual learners, diving into feedback and how we use it to help our teachers meet the needs of their students, and improving our collaborative efforts to bring cohesion to our classrooms and schools. We did some great foundational work last year and over the summer break, and now we are moving forward, chasing tangible results. 


As superintendent, I spend as much of my time as possible in our buildings observing, learning, and listening to team feedback, and occasionally giving some feedback of my own. I spent our first day visiting each building to visit students and staff. Inclusion and belonging are key focuses at all of our secondary buildings, and I was impressed by how our middle and high school staff and student leaders worked hard to welcome new and returning students. 


I want to acknowledge everyone on our team for their hard work and dedication as we prepared for the new school year. Teachers, administrators, custodians, maintenance crews, food service, transportation, and school office staff went the extra mile, as they always do, preparing to welcome our students. 


I'm looking forward to sharing about our progress toward achieving our goals and to helping elevate student voices as part of our decision-making and information-sharing processes. I hope you all will embrace each day with curiosity, courage, and kindness. Remember, learning doesn't come only from words in textbooks; it's a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery.


Welcome back, have a great year!

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