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October Challenge Coin: Amy Palmore

Congratulations to Amy Palmore (middle). She's our October OSD Challenge Coin recipient! Amy is the Dean of Students at Wahitis Elementary. She was nominated by Principal Justin Johnson who said "Amy goes above and beyond to promote a positive culture for students in our building. Her job as a Dean of Students could focus only on discipline, which she does do, but she chooses to put her time and energy into creating memorable experiences for all students at Wahitis. She leads our House Committee that promotes a sense of belonging for all students and staff. This includes overseeing our House Points system, organizing assemblies, and promoting the House culture. Amy also leads our Student Leadership group. These students meet with Amy every day to plan activities, decorate the hallways, and "lead" our building. Again, Amy goes above and beyond her job duties to make Wahitis a special place. "Good enough" isn't good enough for Amy and we all benefit from that."