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Vaccination Mandate Update

The deadline for K-12 employees to submit evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or to receive an approved accommodation has arrived. Othello School District is happy to report that there will be no disruption to services or programs. 


“The vast majority of our employees have met the conditions of the Governor’s mandate either through vaccination or accommodation,” said Superintendent Pete Perez. “As of the deadline date, we only have 2 employees who have elected to not comply with the mandate. We are moving forward with determining what the next steps are for those cases.”


Altogether, Perez said that approximately 70 percent of the district’s employees met the mandate conditions by choosing to get vaccinated. The remaining employees received either medical or religious accommodations. “We’re pleased with these numbers. They give us a good feeling that we have a high level of protection among our employees. We’re happy to be able to accommodate the medical and sincerely held religious beliefs among our staff as well,” said Perez. 


“We’re in a good position here in Othello,” said Perez. “Our district is excited about the work that is ongoing right now to improve student outcomes and to move beyond pandemic education. The high level of compliance with a very contentious mandate.