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Pete Perez Named Superintendent

The Othello School District Board of Directors has appointed Pete Perez as Superintendent of the district. The board unanimously approved a three-year contract for Perez in a special board meeting held on June 30th. The contract replaces the Interim Superintendent agreement that had previously been approved by the board for the 2021-22 school year. 


Board President, Mike Garza along with the rest of the board expressed confidence that Perez is the right fit for Othello’s top leadership position. “We have seen the progress, we have seen the collaboration, we have seen the enthusiasm that the district is going through right now,” said Garza.


Perez expressed gratitude to the board and district. “I would like to thank the board for their commitment to Othello’s students and staff,” he said.  Perez also thanked mentors who he has worked with in his career, including past Othello Superintendent George Juarez. “George cared about our students, our staff, and our community,” said Perez. “When George left the Othello School District it was better than when he arrived. I would be excited to have someone say that about me when my time here is done.”


The board discussed their decision to move forward with the selection of Perez without conducting a broader search. “Pete cares about every student, and that’s what’s most important,” said Jenn Stevenson. “That is what we need, and I am grateful you accepted.”


“I would like to commend you on your could have given up on Othello several times, but I think today is a culmination of your true heart, your true passion,” said Garza. “I have no doubt that this district is in the right hands.”

Perez’s three-year contract begins on July 1 and runs through June 30, 2024.