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Huskie Stadium Closed During School Day

Now that students have returned to campus, there are some changes to public access to OHS athletic facilities. The OHS track and other athletic facilities are primarily for the benefit of physical education classes and athletics teams. These facilities are closed to the public Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Athletic facilities are also closed to public use any time they are in use by an OSD athletics team for practice.
These changes are to improve safety and security on campus. The track represents a significant investment in Othello’s schools and we would like to protect it from premature wear and damage as much as possible. Members of the public are welcome to use the track facility for exercise outside of normal school hours and when it is not in use by OSD athletics teams.
Other important rules remain in effect. No wheels. No pets. No food or drinks (except water). Children must be supervised. Social distancing protocols are in effect (no large groups). Please throw your trash away or take it with you.
Huskie Stadium Aerial View