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Scootney Springs Transitioning to Distance Learning Until Thanksgiving Break


All Scootney Springs Elementary students will engage in distance learning from home from Thursday, November 19 through November 24. Our school building will be closed on these days. We will reopen the school for K-3 blended learning on November 30th, after Thanksgiving break.


We are taking this action due to a high number of staff and students who are either quarantined or who have had positive COVID test results. There is no evidence of a COVID outbreak in our school. However, our ability to deliver a high-quality and safe in-person educational experience is reduced due to the number of staff who must work from home during this time period. We will take these days to thoroughly clean and disinfect our school building, and to provide an opportunity for any COVID activity among staff and students to slow down. 


The school building will be fully cleaned and sanitized this week.


Unless you have received notification, your child has not been identified as a close contact to any positive or potential COVID cases. Nonetheless, we encourage you to monitor your child for symptoms including: Unusual cough, fever, muscle pains, fatigue, chills, sore throat, shortness of breath, or other symptoms that cannot be attributed to another known illness. If you or your child has any of these symptoms, please seek medical evaluation. 


We are able to take these precautionary steps because the protocols we have in place for monitoring potential COVID activity work. It is important for you to know that local new COVID case rates have grown rapidly in our community in the past two weeks. In fact, new case levels are at their highest rates since the COVID outbreak began earlier this year. Please consider changing your holiday plans to avoid large gatherings. We encourage you to wear a mask in all public places and at every gathering of people outside of your household. Keeping our school safe will take the effort of everyone in our community.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your teachers will be in touch soon to share more distance learning details.