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Staff COVID Exposure at Scootney Springs

Staff at Scootney Springs Elementary Quarantined for COVID Precautions


A grade level teacher at Scootney Springs Elementary has tested positive for COVID-19. The teacher is asymptomatic at this time and is continuing to work from home. As a result of potential exposure due to proximity to the positive staff member, three additional teachers are self-quarantining pending the outcome of testing. All are continuing to work and serve students from home, none are displaying symptoms. Two paraeducators who had contact with the positive staff member are also quarantined at home. They are also not displaying symptoms at this time. 


The staff member who tested postive was not present on campus for the school's soft opening meetings. 


Another grade level teacher who is displaying COVID symptoms is quarantined and working from home pending the outcome of testing. 


Two further staff members are quarantined either due to potential exposure from a family member who has tested positive or who is displaying COVID symptoms.


“We have a total of nine staff members at Scootney Springs who are currently quarantined. One is due to a positive test result. One is displaying symptoms but is awaiting test results. One staff member lives with a family member who is COVID positive. The others are quarantined due to potential exposure,” said Superintendent Dr. Chris Hurst.

“The staff at Scootney Springs are following our COVID procedures and health department guidelines precisely. Most of our quarantined staff members are continuing to work from their homes, while protecting their coworkers’ health and safety, `said Dr. Hurst.

Staff who test positive, display COVID symptoms, or who have had a potential exposure to a COVID positive person are required to quarantine. They may work from home if they are able and the functions of their job permit it. “Our hope for a staff member who tests positive is that they take care of themselves at home first so they can recover fully and safely,” said Dr. Hurst. 


“These quarantine situations reaffirm our belief that Othello School District made the right choice by electing to open the school year with an online learning model,” said Dr. Hurst. “If students had been in these classrooms we could be looking at a situation where at least a cohort group could be quarantined for a period of time. The potential would exist for the whole school community to be quarantined, which would have a negative impact on our community.”


Othello School District requires all employees to wear masks when working in proximity with others. The district encourages the use of masks, social distancing, and proper sanitation habits to help slow the spread of COVID in the Othello community.