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Board Approves Re-Entry Plan

Our board of directors has approved the OSD plan to re-open schools in an online model on August 27th, with other models possible as COVID conditions improve. The district's goal is to bring staff and students back into schools as soon as is safely possible. "We can't think about doing that until our rate of transmission is under 25 new cases per 100,000 people over a period of two weeks," said Superintendent Dr. Chris Hurst. "We have a long way to go in Adams County to get to that level."

While schools will start in an online model, "science will dictate when and if we can move to other parts of the plan including a blended model of online and in-person learning and an eventual return to a traditional educational model," said Dr. Hurst. 

A blended model would allow students to return to school buidings with social distancing and masking guidelines in place "schedules would be altered in order to create an environment where we have fewer people in a building at one time," said Dr. Hurst. 

The traditional model would allow for full classrooms, full-time face-to-face and full-day instruction. "We would still follow the best practices for the health and safety of everyone," said Dr. Hurst. 

Under the online model, instruction will be more meaningful and rigorous than it was in the spring. "We will have standards for a minimum amount of "face to face" time by grade level. Students will receive new content instruction in core subject areas. We will also be providing support fo families to help them learn how to engage with their teachers using our learning platforms, which we are all now more familiar with. The district will be providing professional development to staff so that they are well-prepared to successfully start school under the online model," said Dr. Hurst. 

"The quicker we beat the COVID outbreak in our district, the quicker we can start getting back to traditional education, which we all agree is best for our children," said Dr. Hurst. 

Information about student registration, chromebook distribution, and other important back-to-school topics is coming soon. 


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