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Dear Parents,

As we begin another school year, we honor your efforts in getting your children to school on time and encourage you to keep your children in class until 2:50pm. To keep Wahitis students as safe as possible and to keep the flow of traffic in and out of the building steady, there are a few safety issues to bring to your attention with drop off/pick and parking. 

Drop Off/Pick Up Zone

If you would like to drop-off/pick-up your student, we have designated a lane in the parking lot as an unloading/loading zone. This lane is intended to keep the traffic flow moving. This lane is for “unloading/loading only,” DO NOT PARK OR LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED IN EITHER LANE.
Once you are in the unloading/loading lane:
Stop the vehicle in the RIGHT lane for students to exit/enter safely.
Drop off time begins with the arrival of the patrol at 7:45 AM.
If you are picking up a student after school, remain in your car and form a line in the right lane, along the curb, closest to the entrance of the  building.
Students are to wait for you in the load/unload area in front of the school.
When the car in front of you exits the right lane, drive forward. This allows waiting cars to enter the right lane and wait for their child or be able to drop off their child.
Do not leave your car unattended in the load/unload area - you must remain in your car.
Use the left lane ONLY to exit the loop. DO NOT DROP OFF OR PICK UP YOUR CHILD IN THE LEFT LANE. This creates a very unsafe situation with students darting between parked cars.

If you prefer to park your car, please park in designated parking spots. Do not block a parked car or use the parking lot as a pick up/drop off lane. When exiting the parking lot, please be respectful of other cars and take turns exiting. When walking, we ask that you use the crosswalks and follow the directions of our crossing guards, as it is their duty to help keep the crosswalks safe. Walking between cars creates a highly dangerous environment for children.
Thank you for working in partnership with us in order to keep our students and staff members safe, as well as the traffic in the parking lot flowing smoothly. We hope you will continue to treat our staff and student safety patrol with respect and kindness as they work to keep the Wahitis parking lot safe. Remember, all it takes is for one person to not follow the drop off/pick up procedure to snarl the traffic flow. Your cooperation is essential to keeping our students and community members safe.
Assemblies/School Events

We encourage you to attend as many events as possible at Wahitis to celebrate your child’s success.  Please park in the parking lot in parking slots when attending these events. Avoid parking behind parked cars as this prevents individuals from leaving.

We are working to ensure safety patrol members are on the corner of 14th and Scootney to assist children in safely crossing the street. Please remember to be patient drivers, as the safety of our students is of utmost concern. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Thank you,

Wahitis Staff