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OHS New Parking Structure

In an effort to improve safety and traffic flow, especially during peak hours before and after school, the OSD maintenance department re-striped the OHS student parking lot and a portion of the rounded staff parking lot.


OHS administration worked closely with Chief Schenck and Assistant Chief Rehaume from the Othello Police Department and with the city planner from the City of Othello to devise ways to create a safer area for students to park and for parents to drop off and pick up their students.


We have adjusted the flow into and out of the student parking lot by placing direction arrows for exiting right turns only, having lines painted to show entrance and exit areas, and realigned the parking stalls for students to show a one-way only driving direction. To this end, the parking spots by the sidewalk near the library have been turned into a parent pick up/drop off zone. The added direction arrows and the redirection of a couple of student parking rows will definitely make a difference for our students, staff and parents at Othello High School.


OHS parking structure

OHS student pick up and drop off area

OHS student parking lot by gym