• OSD Super Chef May 27

    We're searching for Othello School District's next culinary all-star! All 4th and 5th grade students are invited to apply for the OSD Super Chef competition!

    This year's theme is Health Fun Food Fare. Use the form below to submit your simple, original recipe. Submissions should be kept as simple as possible. If your culinary creation requires baking, please ensure that it does not require a lengthy amount of time in the oven. Our OHS cooking school students will be present to help with tasks like cutting and baking. 

    We will select one student from each Othello elementary school to compete this year in the OHS cooking school classroom. Students will prepare and cook their meal and a panel of judges including Superintendent Pete Perez will judge based on a standard rubric. You could win fabulous prizes! Portions of the competition will be photographed and video-recorded for use in OSD marketing and promotion. We will buy all the ingredients and provide the necessary tools.

    Please submit your recipe by May 12. We will notify the selected students by May 15 and the competition will begin at 3:30 p.m. at OHS. Transportation can be provided for students from their schools to OHS. Each student will be provided with a cooking apron and chef's hat! All of the submitted recipes will be compiled into an OSD Super Chef cookbook which will be available for download on our website.