Othello Blended/Hybrid Learning

Distance Learning FAQ

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  • Can a student or staff member wear a face shield instead of a mask?

  • What will happen if a student or students get COVID?

  • How will you determine what kids are in each group (AM/PM)?

  • Will students be required to wear masks?

  • Will bus drivers have extra masks for students who don’t or won’t wear them?

  • What if a student refuses to wear a mask, or their parent refuses to make them wear one?

  • Will parents have a choice on whether their child will go back face-to-face?

  • Will kids get to participate in recess?

  • Will temperature checks be taken? If so, where? At the school or upon entering the bus?

  • How can you guarantee the safety of my kids from getting sick and bringing it home to the parents that have pre-existing conditions?

  • What air quality precautions are being taken?

  • What will the daily sanitization process look like? Will classrooms be cleaned between AM and PM groups

  • Do the kids have to go to school or can they continue with zoom meetings like right now?

  • Will students who come back to school still have to do online work?

  • Do I have to send my children to school?

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