• Counseling Support Through School Closure

    During this unprecedented time, OSD school counselors will continue to be available to support students and families (via email or telephone call) in connection with both our community and mental health resources. Our counselors are here to help with any special social/emotional concerns that your child may be having. 

    It it normal to feel scared, confused or anxious during any given time. It is important that we talk about it with each other and support one another through this time. The most important way you can help your child is to make sure he/she feels connected, cared about, and loved. Some ideas to help your child are: pay attention and listen to their concerns, allow them to ask questions, encourage positive activities, and spend more time with them. 

    If you need any assistance, our counselors are available via the emails listed below and will be checking messages daily during regular school hours.

    Love and Login Parenting Classes - Online

    Although our elementary counselors had to cancel the love and login parenting classes for this school year, we are excited to offer this free online course to parents who are interested! Click here to sign up for the classes.

    COVID-19 Information

    The OSD relies heavily on the information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For the latest information regarding COVID-19, please visit the CDC website here.

    Support Information

    Othello Support Services

    The agencies and organizations listed below are available for immediate assistance if you or someone you love is experiencing a mental health crisis.

    Adams County Integrated Health Care Services

    • Behavioral Health & Emergency Services - (509) 488-4074
    • Public Health Services - (509) 488-2031
    • Developmental Disabilities Services - (509) 659-3306
    • Crisis Line - (509) 488-5611

    Suicide Crisis Hotline - 1 (800) 273-8255

    Domestic Violence Hotline - 1 (888) 560-6027

    Child Protective Services - (509) 7640-5740

    Teen Crisis/Support Line - 1 (800) 852-8336 or Text "TEEN" to 839863

    Columbia Basin Health Association - (509) 488-5256

    Intervention Specialist funded by ESD 123 - kmotta@esd123.org

    • For additional student/parent resources, please visit the ESD 123 page here

    Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (J.D.A.I) Programs - (509) 488-5646

    Othello Community Hospital - (509) 488-2636

    Mid Columbia Library - https://www.midcolumbialibraries.org

    Food Bank - (509) 488-6044

    Othello Food Bank

    The Othello Food Bank is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM. Due to the large number of families being served and in order to practice social distancing, until further notice, the boxes are prefilled and handed out to families outside of the building. Each client family is allowed one box per week, per family. 

    List of Social Emotional Resources for K-6

    Parenting in a Pandemic

    Resources for establishing routines, helping kids cope with anxiety and more. 

    100 Coping Strategies

    Click here to view 100 copy strategies for yourself, your children, or someone you know. 

    Make a Quarantine/Emotional First Aid Kit:

    • Sounds/Songs: make a playlist that lifts your mood
    • Sights: set your wallpaper to something that makes your day, scroll through your camera roll
    • Touch: What brings you comfort -- favorite hoodie? Petting your pet? A blanket?
    • Smells: What are the smells that make you happy? Or help you relax?
    • Humans: Who are the humans that help you feel better? Text or call them.
    • TAKE ACTION: Get those rambling thoughts out of your brain! GO, DO SOMETHING!

    Second Steps Resources - Family Access

    Click here for guidance for remote instruction for second step early learning - grade 5 and family supports.

    Social Emotional Learning Activities

    Click here for free Social Emotional Learning Activities pages. You will find free resources - lessons, activities, and printables - in the following skill areas: Communication, Cooperation, Emotion Regulation, Empathy, Impulse Control, and Social Initiation. 

    Social Emotional Learning (While you watch TV shows and movies)

    While it's important not to spend all day in front of the TV or a tablet, a little screen time isn't bad AND you can do some social emotional learning while you watch together! Here are some questions you can talk about:

    • What were some of the choices that the characters made?
    • How do the characters feel? How can you tell what their feelings are?
    • Which characters were friends? How did they show friendship to each other?
    • Did any of the characters get really upset? What did they do to take care of or cope with their feelings?
    • Did the characters change at all during it? How? Why do you think the change happened?
    • What would you do differently if you were one of the characters?

    Tips for Supporting Children During the Coronavirus Crisis

    • Encourage an open discussion. Explain what is happening in kid-friendly terms.
    • Emphasize that Coronavirus is less common in children than adults and often results in only mild cold symptoms.
    • Listen to and acknowledge their worries. Remind them that you are doing whatever you can to keep them safe and healthy.
    • Remember that they are watching us and our reactions to this crisis. Our behaviors and feelings mold and form their behaviors and feelings!
    • Maintain a structure and routine at home.
    • Support creative and outdoor play in safe settings.
    • Teach healthy coping strategies such as breathing techniques, grounding, journaling, and drawing.
    • View the extra time at home as a gift to spend quality family time
    • Avoid watching the news in front of them.
    • Read with your child and access free educational resources.
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