• Continued Learning for Seniors (12th Grade)

    Graduation Dates

    At this time, graduation dates will remain the same. 

    Othello High School - May 29, 2020
    Desert Oasis High School - June 3, 2020

    Systems in Place to Ensure Seniors Graduate

    OSPI is requiring that seniors continue learning in the courses needed for on-time graduation with the following items in mind:

    • OSD Board of Directors will be asked to waive 2 of the 26 credits required for graduation to equal to the state minimum of 24.
    • Principals have the discretion to waive an additional 2 credits of "elective" coursework.
    • Counselors have identified minimum required courses for all seniors based on these factors.

    Counselors and administrators will contact all seniors with a list of their required classes as soon as possible. This continued learning may be online assignments, projects, performance logs, etc. that show evidence of student learning for the 5 weeks of the closure (until April 27th). Teachers will begin posting learning opportunities on the Senior Google Classroom page. OSD is expected to provide students with consistent learning opportunities for the next 5 weeks to include our originally scheduled Spring Break. 

    Expectations of Online Learning

    1. Seniors will be expected to look for their "Class of 2020" google classroom and the google classroom specific to their classes as teachers are using their own classrooms to post information. 
    2. Seniors must watch for new assignments weekly (assignments will be posted once a week).

    WIFI Accessibility

    If students do not have access to WIFI, we encourage students to go to the parking lot of OHS or any of our school buildings parking lot to download information once per week using their Chromebook. 

    After Gov. Inslee's two week "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order is lifted, we may be providing some paper copies of the learning in a modified way to accommodate this limitation.

    We understand this may be an inconvenience, but we ask all of our students and parents to be patient as we work through this process. 

    Senior High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP)

    Seniors must complete their senior presentations during the closure. Below we have listed four senior requirements.

    *The interest assessment, on-site job experience, one-page write-up, resume and post-secondary application was due Monday, March 16th, therefore should already be completed.

    The only requirement that seniors should need to complete throughout the closure is the presentation.

    1. Each senior will complete an Interest Assessment and an investigation of several careers (including the annual earnings, employment trends and the post-secondary education/training needed to be successful in those careers). Each senior will then choose one career to focus on for his/her senior HSBP.
    2. Each senior will complete a 4-hour, on-site job experience in their field of interest. A template will be provided to help each senior link with a site-visit, prepare questions for their visit and complete a one-page write-up after the experience.
    3. Each senior will complete a post-secondary application that matches the research above as the first step toward accomplishing their goals (college, university, technical school, art school, religious training, apprenticeship, military, etc.)
    4. Each senior will present the above components and a current resume (5-7 minute electronic presentation) to a panel that may include community members, parents, teachers, prospective employers, etc. This will take place in the spring of the senior year.


    A template for the PowerPoint/Google Slide that will be given at the presentation is located in the Senior Google Classroom. You do not need to use this exact PowerPoint/Google Slide template and can create one of your own if you prefer. However, the template may be used by anyone who wishes to use it. The template is there as an example of the types of slides you need to create and the kind of information that must be included. The PowerPoint/Google Slide must include:

    • the 8 outcomes you answered or wrote about in your one-page paper;
    • a picture of you and your Huskie Futures teacher;
    • a picture or copy of your application or acceptance letter;
    • pictures from your site visit.

    You will be practicing your presentation in Huskie Futures class prior to giving your presentation to the committee.

    Your presentation will be given to a few teachers/community members and to any attending family members/friends. Dates to be determined when we return to school. Presentations will take place at Othello High School. You will present the PowerPoint/Google Slide and talk about what you learned. The night of the Presentation, dress your best. You will need to wear business attire If you would like to know what business attire, please ask your teacher or see Mrs. Christensen or Mrs. Parris. The length of the presentation must be between 5 and 7 minutes.