• Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information & Resources for Parents & Community Members


    To slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Washington state, Governor Inslee announced on March 13 that all public and private K–12 schools in the state will be closed through Friday, April 24. As our district, students, families, and community plan for closures, we are committed to providing ongoing guidance and resources as we sort through this unprecedented situation together. 


    During the mandatory closure, the Othello School District (OSD) will be prohibited from providing in-person educational, recreational, and other K–12 school programs using our school buildings and facilities. The OSD may use our facilities to provide childcare, professional development, staff meetings, Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, direct services to individual students, or other activities deemed appropriate by the district administration. Any gatherings within school facilities will comply with applicable social distancing directives and health and safety recommendations. Facility usage (i.e. gyms) for community and staff members will NOT be allowed during the closure. We will share future guidance from health officials.


    Will the district provide meals during the closure?

    Many students rely on school meals to meet their nutritional needs. Additionally, as this outbreak begins to impact the economic environment, we know more families may find themselves needing assistance. During this school closure, the Othello School District will provide breakfast and lunch to any child, 18 years and younger, regardless of their family income. Students will receive lunch for that day and breakfast for the following morning.

    When and where will the meals be served?

    Starting on Monday, March 23, meals will be available for pick-up, between 11:15-12:00, at three different locations:

    • Wahitis Elementary School Bus Loop
    • Hiawatha Elementary School Bus Loop - 11:40 AM to 12:00 PM
    • Othello High School Bus Loop
    • Lutacaga Elementary School Bus Loop - 11:15 AM to 11:35 AM

    What if I can’t make it to one of the pick-up locations? Can I still get a meal?

    Meals will also be available at the bus stop following locations outside of city limits:

    Route 1

    Route 2

    Route 3

    Route 4

    Route 5

    • Golden Plains

    • Radar Trailer Court (11:30-11:45)

    • Othello Manor -
      by mailboxes
    • Sportsmans Trailer Court
    • Andes/June Rd

    • Taggares Park

    • Eagle Apartments
    • Juniper St - 70 E Juniper

    • Soda St - 71 E Soda

    • Yellow Camp

    • Radar Base Housing - 9090 Sagehill 
    • Weaver’s Trailer Court

    • Summerset West -
      Drury Lane/Shelly Rd.


    • Summerset West -
      Barbara Road/Thacker Road
    • Special Needs
      In-Person Delivery

      For more
      information, please call the
      Department at
      (509) 488-3741
      between 7AM and 3:30PM

    How do I pick up the meals? Do I need to bring anything?

    State and Federal guidelines for food service require that children must be present in order to receive a free meal; parents may not pick up meals for their children. 


    Who qualifies for the childcare service being offered by the OSD? 

    The purpose of offering childcare is to support families who are in the medical field or are first responders who are directly assisting with the containment and treatment of COVID-19. OSD Childcare is offered as a last resort for families in these fields.

    • OSD childcare is provided for current students, PK-12.
    • Childcare hours are from 7:45-3:30 and will be located at Wahitis Elementary School.

    If I work in a medical field or am a first responder, how do I sign-up for childcare?

    OSD is collaborating with major local health care providers, fire, police, and sheriff departments to identify who will be needing OSD childcare services. Community members who are first responders or in medical fields outside of the community should contact the district office. 

    Will transportation be available for OSD childcare?

    No, the district will not be picking up or dropping off children.