• Local Levies Make the Difference for Othello Students

    Replacement Levy Facts

    The Othello School District is asking voters to consider a Replacement Educational Programs & Operations Levy (formerly called Maintenance and Operations or M&O Levy) on February 11, 2020. The proposed three-year levy is not a new tax, but simply the continuation of an existing voter-approved levy that expires in 2020.

    What is a Levy?

    A levy is a locally approved funding measure that bridges the gap between what the state funds and what it costs to run a school district. An easy way to remember what levies are used for is to remember “levies are for learning.”

    What does the Proposed Levy Cover?

    The proposed three-year Replacement Educational Programs & Operations Levy covers essential programs and services like:

    • Athletics
    • Nurses
    • Custodians
    • Maintenance Services
    • Technology
    • Security
    • Some Teachers
    • Curriculum Updates
    • Early Learning Programs
    • Community Education
    • Staff Professional Development

    How will the Proposed Levy Affect Tax Rates?

    The proposed Replacement Educational Programs & Operations Levy keeps tax rates near $1.50 per $1,000 and consistent with rates collected in 2019. Proposed rates and total collection amounts are as follows:


    Rate per $1,000

    Levy Collection










    While state law legally allows school districts to collect a higher rate per $1,000 of assessed property value ($2.50), Othello School District is only asking voters to consider a replacement levy at a rate of $1.53 or $1.55 per $1,000 in order to minimize the burden on local taxpayers. If the levy passes, Othello School District will be eligible to receive additional state levy equalization funds, between $5 to $5.3 million dollars, but only if the levy passes.

    When is Election Day?

    Election day is February 11, 2020. Ballots will arrive by mail on or about January 26 and must be dropped off in person or postmarked by February 11, 2020.

    Are Tax Exemptions Available?

    Yes! Low-income senior citizens and disabled adults may qualify for tax exemptions. Contact your local county assessor’s office for more information and to see if you qualify.

    Need more information?

    For more information on the proposed replacement levy, contact the superintendent’s office at 509-488-2659 or tdeleon@othelloschools.org.