• Bus Conduct

    The goal of Transportation Services is to provide safe and timely bus service for the District’s students. To do this, our drivers must be able to concentrate on operating vehicles in a variety of traffic conditions, always being alert and vigilant. Excessive noise or misconduct by bus passengers can distract a driver and endanger all students on the bus. Therefore, the support and cooperation of parents, and students is needed to ensure acceptable behavior by all bus riders.

    Students are expected to cooperate with their bus driver to promote bus safety. The driver is in charge and may confer with a student, change bus seating, assign a specific seat and establish consequence for inappropriate behavior. If violations of Bus Riding Rules continue, a written conduct report may be issued. For severe or hazardous conduct, a citation or bus suspension may follow.


    Any misconduct by a student which, in the opinion of the bus driver or transportation supervisor or transportation/designee, is detrimental to the safe operations of the bus shall be sufficient cause for the director of transportation/designee to suspend the transportation privileges.

    Rules of conduct for students riding buses:

    • The Driver is in full charge of the bus and has authority to assign seats. When transporting classes or teams, the teacher or coach shall be primarily responsible for the behavior of the students. Students shall cooperate and obey the driver and the teacher, coach or other staff members.
    • Noise shall be kept down to avoid distracting the driver. Students shall refrain from profanity, obscene gestures or offensive acts. Throwing, tossing or shooting anything within, from or at the bus is prohibited.
    • Fighting, pushing, tripping, spitting, abusive language and violent behavior are prohibited on the bus and will not be tolerated. Harassment of any kind is prohibited.
    • Students shall not carry or have, in their possession, items that can cause injury to passenger on the bus. Such items include, but are not limited to, sticks, breakable containers, aerosol containers, straps or pins protruding from clothing. Large instruments and other bulky items (e.g. large bags, backpacks) shall be put in luggage compartment.
    • Absolutely no balloons are allowed on the bus. If a student receives balloon bouquets at school, the parents will have to make arrangements for picking up such items at the school.
    • Students shall not smoke, possess tobacco, alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances or paraphernalia of any kind.
    • Flammable or flaming devices, pepper spray, bombs of any kind, knives, firearms or other weapons are prohibited.
    • Students shall not eat, drink or chew gum on the bus.
    • No animals allowed, except Seeing Eye
    • Students shall arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes BEFORE the bus, wait in a safe place clear of traffic and away from where the bus stops.
    • Students shall not sit in the driver’s seat.
    • Students shall go directly to an available seat, or their assigned seat, upon entering the bus.
    • Students shall get permission from the driver before opening a window. Windows are only allowed to be down 3 Extending any body part or objects of any kind, out of the window is not allowed.
    • Students shall cross in front of the bus when the driver gives the signal that it is safe to do so. They shall never cross behind the bus.
    • Students shall keep the bus clean by depositing all trash in the garbage can at the front of the bus.
    • Students shall follow emergency exit procedures as prescribed by the Driver. They shall not tamper with emergency doors or equipment. Emergency exit doors are not to be used except for an actual emergency!
    • Students or parents of students identified in causing damage to buses, shall be charged with the cost of the incurred damage. Students causing the damage may be suspended from transportation.
    • Students shall ride on assigned bus and leave the bus only at their assigned stop. Bus passes from the students’ school or a note from their parent are required to board or depart at a different authorized stop.

    Parents and Teachers School Bus Safety Alert

    A child's clothing can be dangerous when getting off the bus. A numver of children have been injured or killed when their clothing became caught when exiting the bus. Dangerous clothing that can get caught in handrails, doors, or other areas includes:

    • Jackets or sweatshirts with drawstrings
    • Backpack straps
    • Scarves or other loose clothing

    Please talk with your chilren about these safety rules:

    1. Students are encouraged not to bring balloons to school.  For safety reasons, balloons are not allowed on the school bus.  If balloons are sent in as gifts, students must either walk home or be picked up by parents.
    2. Stay away from Danger Zones around the bus.
    3. If you drop something near the bus, don't pick it up.  The driver may not see you. Tell the driver and follow his/her instructions.
    4. Remember that motorists don't always stop for the school bus.  Use extreme caution when getting on or off of the bus.