• Discipline Policy

    Discipline plans have been developed at the elementary schools in order for discipline consistency throughout the district. These plans are frequently updated and modified to fit the changing needs of our students. The discipline policy can best be summarized by saying that high expectations are maintained for student behavior, and that staff members will work closely with students and parents to develop problem solving and behavior management expectations.

    When situations happen at school between students, please know that the school is able to share the consequence or disciplinary actions given to your student, but not the consequence or disciplinary actions given to another student.

    If your student brings home an Incident Report, please sign the form and send it back to school. By signing the form you let us know that you are aware that your student’s behavior led to them receiving an Incident Report.

    Disciplinary Referrals

    Disciplinary referrals summarize inappropriate behavior and resulting consequences for more serious behavior problems, including those resulting in being placed on the Discipline Matrix. When a student has an accumulation of incident reports, or displays severe behavior, the principal or vice principal will fill out a Discipline Referral. The student’s parents/guardians will be notified and the Discipline Matrix will be utilized.

    Othello School District - Elementary Discipline Matrix (Grades K-6)



    Intervention Ideas






    Refusal to cooperate

    Inappropriate language, gestures, drawings, use of computers, etc.


    Reteach Skill/Lesson with Counselor




    Gang Related Activities



    Restituion, as appropriate

    Parent Conference

    Campus Clean-Up



    In School Suspension (1-2 days) and assign a restorative action: 

    In School Suspension (2-3 days) and assign a restorative action: 


    Public Endangerment (pulling a fire alarm)

    Physical/Verbal Abuse of a Staff Member

    Possession/Use of Illegal Substance

    Meeting w/Guardians

    In School Suspension (.5-3 days)

    Short Term Suspension (1-5 days)

    In School Suspension (1-2 days)

    Resorative Action:


    In School Suspension (2-3 days)

    Restorative Action:

    Out of School Suspension (1-5 days)

    Restorative Action:


    Long-Term Suspension (rest of term)

    Restorative Action:


    Distributing drugs and/or paraphernalia

    Any action deemed life threatening

    Possession/Use of Dangerous Weapon w/Intent





    To view full copy of the OSD Elementary Discipline Matrix (Grades K-6), please go to the main page of the parent resources tab and download the student handbook, or visit the Wahitis main office to recieve a hard copy.

    • Administrators can use discretion to provide any level or step of discipline, based on individual circumstances.
    • Cell phones are not allowed to be in student’s possession during the school day.  If seen they will be confiscated.
    • Cell phones or any other electronic devices confiscated by staff must be retrieved by parents/guardian from office.
    • Any serious disruptions of the educational process will be dealt with at the discretion of the building administrator in accordance with district and building policies and procedures.
    • Students that have a pattern of being disruptive, defiant, or disrespectful will be placed on a behavior contract at a meeting with teachers, parents, student, and a principal.
    • If a student encourages another to fight, it will be considered a level two violation of the discipline policy.  Watching a fight as a spectator or encouraging others to fight will not be tolerated at any elementary school.  Students are to leave the scene of a fight.  
    • Proper authorities may be called for any offense at any level.  Any Level 3 or 4 offenses will be reported to the School Resource Officer.
    • Suspended students may not be on any school property or participate in any school activity or sporting event during the time (day or evening) of the suspension.
    • Expulsion for a dangerous weapon is mandatory and for at least one academic term. Readmission process required. Parents/Guardians and Police will be notified.
    Special Education Students and Discipline

    All students are encouraged and expected to develop responsibility in the Othello School District.  Although the school district has a comprehensive discipline policy, there are special cases where state regulations require that adaptations be made in order to serve a child on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  Consequently, discipline for these students may be individualized and unique.

    Special Education students are not to be improperly excluded from school for disciplinary reasons. Prior to a disciplinary action, which constitutes a significant change of placement in a disabled student's educational placement, a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) will determine whether the misconduct for which the student is being excluded from school is because of the disability or an inappropriate placement.  If it is not due to either of these, disciplinary action may be implemented and an IEP meeting will be set up.

    District Graffiti Policy


    1. Provide a safe and orderly environment for all individuals throughout the Othello Schools.
    2. Protect personal and public property.
    3. Maintain a non-disruptive educational process for students and staff.


    1. We will maintain a ZERO tolerance policy.
    2. Imprinting or marking on any surface belonging to Othello School District is not acceptable.
    3. Individuals are not permitted to disrupt the educational process by exhibiting any form of graffiti, or gang related inscriptions on school materials, papers, book covers, notebooks, assignments, clothing, or marking of their person.

    Violation of this policy will result in an immediate application of the school disciplinary policy approved by the Othello School District Board of Directors.

    Weapons Policy – No Tolerance

    The Othello School District has a no tolerance policy toward students who are in any way involved with a weapon on school property or at a school activity. The penalty for possession or involvement with a weapon on school property or at a school activity is expulsion. Expulsion is a state requirement if the weapon is a firearm. Weapons have no place and will not be tolerated in the school environment.

    We have had some instances of students being at school or on school property with toy weapons or with other items that could be considered weapons. These include toys that look like guns or other weapons, pellet guns, paint ball guns, and variations of knives. These items are considered weapons and can result in severe penalties including expulsion.

    The Othello School District also has a no tolerance policy towards students who make threats to do severe bodily harm. The types of threats will be taken seriously and may also result in expulsion.

    School property related to this policy includes school buildings, play fields, athletic fields, buses, and parking lots. This also includes any school related event (i.e. fieldtrips, etc.)