• School Breakfast and Lunch

    Students in the Othello School District will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.

    Parking Lot Pick-Up and Drop-Off

    If you need to pick up or drop off your student, you need to use the parking lot in the front of the school on 7th Ave. The parking lot to the side of the school by the gym is only for buses and staff parking.

    If you are getting out of your car to sign-in your student or to pick them up, you will need to use a marked parking spot.  

    As you drive in our parking lot, please remember to look for students and use common courtesy.


    Lutacaga is implementing a school-wide system to acknowledge appropriate behavior and teach students expectations. You may hear your student talking about PBIS, which stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, and expected behaviors. Our goal is that every student and staff member know the expectation for student behavior and that we recognize students who are making great choices.

    Picking Students Up or Dropping Them Off During the School Day

    If your student needs to leave to attend a medical appointment or another event, you need to come into the school building and sign them out in the office. If you are dropping your student off, you will need to come into the school office and sign them in.

    Please do not walk to your student’s classroom door or out on the playgrounds to pick up your student. Remember, only people listed on the registration form will be allowed to pick up students, unless there is note giving written permission.

    If your plans change and you need to give your student a message about different plans for the end of the day, please notify the office no later than 2:00 pm, so we have time to deliver the message.

    Parent Volunteer Program

    If you are interested in volunteering, you must flll out a Washinton State Patrol Identification form before we have you work with students or chaperoning a field trip. The Washington State Patrol Identification form can be picked up in our school office. We encourage you to be an active member of our school community and appreciate your interest.

    Once you start volunteering, please remember to sign in the office and get your visitor badge before heading into classrooms.

    Electronic Games/Toys

    Students are not to bring cell phones, toys, or electronic devices to school.  Such items may be held in the office for parents to collect later.

    Medication at School

    Othello School District policy requires families to give the school current, written instructions from a physician or dentist, as well as an "Administration of Oral Medications at School" form in order for students to be given medication at school. The Administration of Oral Medications at School form is available in our school office.

    Please remember all Medication must be in the original container; the label must include the student's name, physician's name, and the drug name and dosage.  We define medication to mean all medicine, whether prescription or "over-the-counter" items. Examples of medicine include but not limited to aspirin, cough syrup, eye drops, etc.